Reliance Automation has been partnering with manufacturing companies for almost 100 years in supplying their industrial components.  Reliance Automation has the biggest range of industrial robot arms (Nachi robots), cobots (Universal Collaborative robots), mobile AMR (Autonomous mobile robots MiR and Bosch Rexroth), end effectors and tools, electric actuators and so much more. Our brand partners include:

  • UR Universal Robots for collaborative robots (cobots)
  • Nachi (Japan) for industrial robot arms up to 6 axis
  • MiR for autonomous mobile robots 
  • Onrobot for robot accessories and end of arm tooling (end effectors/grippers)
  • ROEQ for MiR accessories (carts, lifters etc.)
  • Cobotlift for a safe and collaborative manual handling cobot solution
  • Flexibowl for a pick and place and unscrambling all in one solution
  • Soft robotics for a soft safe and non invasive end of arm tool
  • SMAC for high speed and high accuracy moving coil actuators
  • THK for linear motion components especially when required quickly as we hold stocks available within a day if necessary
  • IAI for electric pneumatic replacements
  • SMC for all your pneumatic needs
  • Bosch Rexroth for a wide range of industrial components including linear motion systems, drives and controls, gear boxes, motors and more.

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Our parent company Reliance is the leading industrial component supplier in Ireland.  Click below to view our product brochure or visit our web shop.