Design and Build 

If you are implementing an automated process Reliance Automation offers many options for integration for all budgets.  Many end users possess the inhouse capabilities to build, program and implement automation cells themselves, eliminating the need for external engineering experts.  This saves time and money and cuts out the middle-man.  However, for production companies that don’t already possess expert automation engineers, Reliance Automation can offer alternative support.

Reliance Automation has partnered with Automation Tenders to allow customers to easily access up to 20 machine builders in Ireland.  This process makes finding the right solution and gaining 3 quotes much more convenient.  The bank of machine builders have varied skillsets in different industries and different project sizes so they can support SMEs up to multinationals on their automation journey.

Some automation projects are very straight forward and require minimal integration support.  Often the practical nature of a process is the only consideration so savings can be made.  Reliance Automation offers two solutions for both pre-existing and self-build automation cells.  Easy Robotics offers a range of pre-designed and built solutions for machine tending, handling, palletising, dispensing, quality testing and education.  Vention is another option which allows the end user to design their own cell and have it custom built.  

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