Webinar: Collaborative Vision Guided Palletising Solution

Collaborative Vision Guided Palletising Solution
Cobot Lift is a new and innovative company providing a solution that extends the lifting capacity of a Universal Robot cobot to 45kg. Cobot Lift can be used in various different industries and environments and is an affordable and flexible solution to health and safety concerns.  Join our webinar to learn abour Cobot Lift’s brand new vision guided palletising solution using a universal robot.

Webinar Agenda:

  • About Cobot Lift
  • Benefits
  • Solutions
  • Vision guided palletising solution
  • Case studies
  • Prices
  • New Products
Cobot Lift Webinar Host
Henrik Elm Gullov will host the webinar and discuss the features and benefits of Cobotlift. He will discuss the innovative and dynamic vision based palletising solution paying attention to case studies in various different industries and environments. Henrik has a wealth of executive and technical experience at national and international board level.
CEO & Co-Founder of Cobot Lift
Henrik Elm Gulløv
1st December 2021 9 am – 9.45am
Cost: FREE
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Learn more about Cobot Lift
Are you interested in finding out more about Cobot Lift in advance of the webinar?  View the video above or Contact Reliance Automation, Ireland’s exclusive Cobot Lift partner.