Reliance Automation is delighted to announce that we have been appointed as the official distributor for CobotLift in Ireland.  Cobotlift  is an ideal solution for palletising or de-palletising where manual handling is a health and safety concern.  Cobotlift offers a solution allowing the operator to work collaboratively with the robot and can lift up to 45kg


The Cobotlift solution is new and innovative in solving manufacturing issues such as:

  • Manual Handling
  • Lack of Space
  • Integration with other technology 
  • Flexibility
  • Cost of automatic palletising/de-palletising

Stationary Cobot Lift

Stationary Cobot Lift is like a exoskeleton for cobots mounted on the floor. It boosts cobot’s payload from 5 to 45 kg. Ideal for an easy collaborative palletizing or pick and place.


Functions and Benefits

Stationary Cobot Lift enables UR10 to lift up to 45 kg collaboratively. It is easy to set up and use. It comes with a complete package – Cobot Lift tool including URCap software, steel crane, vacuum tube and pump. Steel crane can be fixed on the floor and has a very small footprint. Often no fence is required for this collaborative solution and labor force can work alongside with Cobot Lift. This solution is delivered with an arm for UR10 to be mounted on a steel crane and can be configured for a double palletizing.

End of an arm tool does not have to be vacuum based, it can also be mechanic, electric, magnetic – anything you
require to pick up the product.

Mobile Cobot Lift

Integrates robot, controller, teach pendant, vacuum tube, pump and crane in a single unit for a maximum flexibility and mobility

Functions and Benefits

Standardized Mobile Cobot Lift is a compact, quick to install and easy to configure. It increases lifting capacity of Universal Robots’ UR10 from 5 to 45 kg. Usage of collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots. In many cases, a fence system or cage is not required and operators can safely work side-by-side with the robot.

This solution permits continuous operations and operator can easily remove one complete pallet without stopping a collaborative robot. This solution can also be moved with a lifter. End of an arm tool does not have to be vacuum based, it can be mechanic, electric, magnetic – anything you require to pick up a product.

Smart design contributes to a fast and easy installation. Cobot lift URcap application has an intuitive interface, which ensures easy layer configuration without any need for complicated robot programming.

About Our Partner

Cobot Lift is a born global company founded in Slagelse, Denmark in 2018 by two ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators Henrik Elm Gulløv and Flemming Bischoff Truelsen. They are dedicated to make the world a better place with collaborative robots by automating handling up to 45kg. Cobot Lift is an honored member of the biggest European robot cluster and start-up hub Odense Robotics and a certified UR+ partner of the global collaborative robots market leader Universal Robots.

Cost Effective and Safe

Cobotlift is an excellent solution to removing manual handling and protecting operators.  It eliminates heavy lifting using automation.  The solution is space efficient and retails at approximately half the price of a fully automatic palletising or depalletising system.