with Rexroth conveyor systems

High quantities with short cycle times and full automation or small batch sizes with high variant diversity in partially-automated systems with manual workstations. With proven transfer systems, Bosch Rexroth offers economical transport solutions that can be scaled as needed for almost any application. All systems are designed for modular flexibility. This speeds up planning – and allows you to easily upgrade or modify existing systems.

TS 1 Transfer System

Precision assembly and fast processes

The TS 1 transfer system is specifically tailored to small, lightweight products and assemblies, which require high positioning accuracy and repeatability.  The system has been especially designed for the precise assembly of more demanding products. One of the strengths of the TS 1 is that it can be integrated into the pre- or part assembly stage of a larger system.  It meets the same high standards of quality as all the Rexroth transfer systems i.e. long service life, sturdiness and easy maintenance.

Key Technical Data

  • Weight class: 0-3 kg
  • Workpiece pallet sizes 80 x 80 to 160 x 160 mm.

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TS 2plus Transfer System

Versatile. Robust. Adaptable. The proven transfer sytstem for a wide range of appications

From the automotive industry and the electronics industry to household appliances and electronics manufacturing: With their diverse system components, TS 2plus assembly lines are suitable for use in a wide range of industries.  The versatile transfer system TS 2plus is reliable even under difficult conditions, such as in ESD environments or in clean room and dry room applications, and is thus suitable for a variety of sectors, from the automotive industry, to electronics and electrical technology, through to medical technology and the optical industry.

Key Technical Data

  • Weight class: 0-240 kg
  • Workpiece pallet sizes 160 x 160 to 1,200 x 1,200 mm.

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TS 2pv Transfer System

Gentle. Clean. Economical. Tailor-made solution for the solar industry

Photovoltaic modules in thin-film and silicon cell technology can be transported directly on the new Rexroth TS 2pv transfer system. The TS 2pv is based on the proven TS 2plus transfer technology and has been customized to suit the specific demands in the solar industry.  It is ideal for standardized series production with high-volume. Thanks to their closed surface and a special treatment, the system’s toothed belts feature particularly low friction and wear. The TS 2pv fulfils the requirements for clean room class 6 (ISO 14644-1) and can be used throughout ESD environments.

Key Technical Data

  • Conveyor sections for transporting hot glass modules of up to 160°C
  • Completely free of silicone, no exposed grease and oils
  • 100% application in ESD environments
  • Suitable for clean rooms with class 6 (EN ISO 14644-1)
  • Conveyor mediums tailored to customer applications
  • Available as a 2, 3, 4 and 5-track solution
  • Optional frequency converters for smooth speeds
  • Pre-assembled belt sections

Product documentation TS 2pv

TS 5 Transfer System

Modular. Reliable. Efficient. The roller conveyor system for heavy loads

The roller conveyor TS 5 conveys loads of up to 400 kg or more even over long distances and its robust construction make it especially suitable for harsh and oily environments.  The optimized TS 5 can be adjusted even more flexibly to the requirements of the most diverse industries – from the automotive industry, to electro mobility and electronic and household devices. The elite class of roller conveyors offers an efficient and economical solution for every application.

Key Technical Data

  • Weight class: 0-< 400 kg
  • Workpiece pallet sizes 455 x 455 to 1,040 x 845 mm.

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VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor

Economic, customized parts transport. Easily installed, with low-noise operation

With the VarioFlow plus system, Rexroth offers you a high-performance, standardized and versatile chain conveyor system suitable for Food & Packaging applications, Health Care applications, Automotive & Electronic assembly line applications and machine chaining applications.  The modular Rexroth VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system consists of components that can be used universally for all system widths. This reduces the parts that must be stocked by the user. The stable chain permits tensile forces of up to 1,250 N. The chain surface is nearly closed, allowing even the smallest of parts to be transported safely and reliably.

Key Technical Data

  • Tensile force of chain: up to 1250 N
  • Conveyance speed: up to 60 m/min (on request up to 100 m/min)
  • Chain width: 65/90/120/160/240/320 mm
  • Operation noise level: typically <70 dbA @ 30 m/min
  • Versions: aluminum or stainless steel version


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