Need to Automate? What Next?



The decision to invest in automating is reached by in-depth analysis of sales, finance, space, staff and your return on investment. 

When you decide you want or need to automate, how do you then select the right automation solution that is best suited to your process…Reliance Automation specialises in assisting you in this process and at no cost to you…

 Reliance is the only authorised specialist automation company in Ireland that is nationally based and not biased towards using one technology over another. This means we will support you where-ever you are located and we will have your best interests as our primary goal.


Reliance is partnered with the widest range of global leading automation technology manufacturers and depending on what your application is, we will determine what the best suite of technologies will be for you to achieve your automation goals with no hidden agendas.

Reliance is not an integrator, instead we work with the majority of established integrators based in Ireland. If your application requires an integrator to be involved, we will know which integrator is best suited to your project and importantly, will deliver on time, using best in class technologies and within budget. In addition, Reliance Automation will always be there all the way to make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

What’s the catch…There is none. Reliance specialises and represents the widest range of automation technologies in Ireland, we have nearly 100 years of application knowhow and we have very strong partnerships to ensure any automation project will be delivered at the best price for the application. When a project needs to be automated, Reliance’s role is to marry all of the key components of the project so that the process is easy, efficient, cost effective and most importantly, delivers the planned return on investment. Our strong ethos is a collaborative open book partnership approach to any project we are involved in. Read on for some practical and impartial advice to help you choose the right technology for your application.

 Which Robot is Right for your Application

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Industrial Robot

  • Cost: From €16k for robot 
  • Programming: Must be programmed by integrator or robot brand supplier
  • Flexibility: Can be re-deployed but needs integrator and re-programming
  • Safety: Non-collaborative due to high speeds and payloads so needs guarding or light curtains
  • Versatility: Many end of arm tool options
  • Reach: Up to 4m
  • Space:  Usually needs considerable floor space but can be ceiling mounted
  • Support:  24/7 support 365 days a year 
  • Speed: High speed option 
  • Payload: Can manage huge payloads and is used for car manufacturing 
  • Other Costs:  Up to €100k for safety guarding, programming, EOAT, cell etc.

Collaborative Robot

  • Cost: From €23k 
  • Programming:  Can be done by in-house engineers so no need for outside integrators
  • Flexibility: Adapts to processes and can be re-programmed in house quickly and easily
  • Safety: Conforms to health and safety standards and is safe when run in Collaborative mode
  • Versatility:  Many end of arm tool options. For collaborative mode the EOAT must also be collaborative
  • Reach: Up to 1.35m
  • Space: Ideal for small spaces no guarding needed
  • Support:  24/7 support 365 days a year 
  • Speed:  Ideal for slower processes in collaborative mode
  • Payload:  Max 16kg including EOAT – Can be increased to 45kg using CobotLift (Supplied by Reliance Automation)
  • Other Costs: EOAT from €2k

Suitable Applications

Industrial robots are ideal for applications that are high speed and require heavy lifting. These could include high speed palletising, pick and place of heavy car components etc. The project focus is on speed and not on space. Industrial robots allow for fast return on investment due to scaling up of production through dramatically increased speed and running 24/7. These robots solve issues such as output increases, quality, and heavy lifting.  View suitable applications in the video below.

Collaborative robots are suited to smaller intricate applications such as pick and place within the pharmaceutical or food industry. These applications are not speed focused, but space is an issue. Collaborative robots work well in busy production areas where operator interaction is necessary. Collaborative robots can palletise using a very small footprint. They are also easy to program and re-deploy in house. Collaborative robots solve such issues as repetitive stress injury, quality, output.  View suitable applications in the video below.

What’s The Verdict?

It is clear that both collaborative and industrial robots have a place in the production line with different advantages. Which one is best is dependent on the specific application. Both are compaiable with other equipment such as end of arm tooling, conveyors, motors, HMI and PLC etc. At Reliance Automation we can supply you directly with both Universal Collaborative Robots and Nachi Industrial robots and we support our customers to ensure they make the best equipment choices. We work with you and our suppliers to ensure you reach your automation goals and achieve the best ROI.  

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