Machine Vision and Robots for Inspection.

Join Reliance’s Ronan Rasdale and David Moore
from Viska Systems on Thursday 25th June @ 11am
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Machine vision allows a robot to see what it’s doing. Without machine vision the robot would be blind – only capable of repeating the same exact task over and over until it’s reprogrammed.
Advances in Vision technology has made Robots much more capable than before. Whether to guide a robot arm to pick up or load a part, or indeed to gather vital information or perform quality checks or maintenance inspections.
– 2D or 3D or what about 2.5D?
– Static or Robot Mounted?
– Does it need external lighting?
– How does it interface with the Robot ?
All of these are questions which we will tackle in this quick 30-40 minute Webinar.
We will look in detail at Viska’s “Visable” solution – a robotic inspection solution that makes it easy to program robots with cameras to perform automated inspection with human level perception

WeAreCobots : World’s Largest Virtual Collaborative Robot Expo

From June 16th – 18th our Partners Universal Robots will host The World’s Largest Virtual Collaborative Robot Expo — #WeAreCobots .

They will be joined at this virtual event by all the leading names in Gripper Technology , Vision systems, Safety, Accessories and all things Universal Robots. There will be keynote speakers across the three days covering a myriad of topics including;  Applications, Cobot Effectiveness, Safety, Programming and many more.

All the presentations will be available on demand to anyone who registers.

For anybody who is even remotely interested in Collaborative Robots this event is not to be missed.

Please sign up using the link below

Webinar: Packing and Palletising with Robots


Packing and palletising applications are common in a wide variety of industries, but unfortunately so are the issues with conducting these tasks manually, such as;
Repetitive/heavy strain injuries
Capacity limitations
Product damage
Employee retention

Robots are a tried and tested solution for these operations and with the advancements of technologies, they are competitively being integrated into more and more businesses.

Discover how your packing and palletising operations can be made simpler, faster and more efficient at an affordable cost in this half hour webinar.

Webinar: Thursday 11th June @ 11AM,
Please register in link below.

Webinar: Programmable Pneumatic Replacements


This week’s Reliance Automation webinar will focus on the ever advancing technologies that are being implemented in industry world-wide to replace pneumatics. These are electric programmable actuators and they are getting easier to use and have effectively become more affordable in recent times.

We’ll look at what technologies are available, relative cost and ease of use, so if you’re interested in pneumatics free actuation, this 40 minute webinar could be for you

Webinar: End of Arm Tooling

End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) is a critical piece for any robotic installation – It’s what provides a robot it’s functionality for a specific application or can even accommodate several processes.

Given EOAT has such an effect on the performance of a robotic system, this webinar addresses many types available and the critical considerations in deciding which will enable you to get the most out of your operation.

Webinar: Machine Tending by Robots

TUESDAY 19th May 11:00AM

Reliance Automation is pleased to present our latest webinar, Machine tending by robots.

Improving both production quality and quantity as well as reducing the risk of injury, make machine tending one of the most popular applications for both Collaborative & Industrial Robots. This webinar will focus on how and why you should look to consider incorporating automation into your machine tending processes.

Benefits include;

  • Compensate for shortage of labour
  • Opportunity for “lights out” operation
  • Increasing affordability of robotic systems

Presented by Reliance Automation, experts from both UR and Nachi will be online to answer any queries you may have so why not register now at the link below.

Webinar: What are collaborative robots and why should you care?

WEDNESDAY 29th April 10.00AM

We are delighted to be delivering a webinar in collaboration with Universal Robots on 29th  April at 10am.

The webinar will show applications & case studies where cobots can be used to help companies increase production and cut costs. Join Ronan from Reliance and UR’s Mark Gray and learn how cobots can be used to improve your productivity.  

Please register in the link below

UR Webinar

Universal Robots have introduced a new Webinar series  dedicated to collaborative Robot applications. The next Webinar is focused on Machine Tending and is on April 23rd at 10.00 am  These Webinars are designed to give a great insight into how you could Automate your machine tending quickly and easily providing you with reliable, safe solutions which give excellent ROI.  These Webinars are free and offer a great starting point if you are considering how to Automate.

Tending machines is one of the most straightforward tasks for Collaborative Robots to automate, projects can be completed in a matter of weeks, and ROI can be a matter of months.

During this Webinar UR will also be joined by another of our  OnRobot – where they will showcase the brand new OnRobot EYES vision system. OnRobot EYES offers one-picture calibration and part recognition with automatic focus. Ideal for Machine Tending with metal parts defined by outer shape , Pick-and-Place applications and applications with a need for depth perception

National Manufacturing Event

WED, JAN 29 – THURS, JAN 30 2020

Citywest Exhibition Centre

Reliance Automation returns to the National Manufacturing event in 2020.

Future proof your manufacturing process with Reliance Automation! Our team and automation partners will be on hand to demonstrate our solutions to simplify & automate your production process enabling you to reduce cost, improve efficiency and productivity.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pendutech Expo @ Pendulum Summit

WED, JAN 8 – THURS, JAN 9 2020

Convention Centre, Dublin

Reliance Automation is embracing the new decade ahead with purpose, passion and performance.
Reliance Automation and Universal Robots will be exhibiting a range of cobots at the new Pendutech expo at the Pendulum Summit in Jan 2020. Reliance Automation and UR cobots will proudly showcase technical advances and innovative workplace solutions to the World’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers.
Sophia, the World’s most advanced humanoid Robot, is opening Pendutech expo and will be addressing the Pendulum summit. Sophia and UR is sure to inspire attendees to maximise business potential through the future use of Robotics. Reliance Automation and UR cobots is looking forward to demonstrate how we can unlock this potential and help grow your business to the next level.

Medical Technology Ireland – stand 232

WED, SEPT 25 – THURS, SEPT 26 9.30AM

Galway Racecourse

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Universal Robots – Workshop Tour

THUR, SEPT 12 9.30AM

UR+ Workshop Tour 2019 | Dublin

Croke Park, Jones Road, Dublin 3

Event is Free but you must book via the link below

Universal Robots – Workshop Tour

WED, SEPT 11 9:30AM

UR+ Workshop Tour 2019 | Mullingar

Irish Manufacturing Research AM Lab, Mullingar, Co Westmeath

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Universal Robots – Workshop Tour

TUE, MAY 28 1:30 PM
UR+ Workshop Tour 2019 Ireland | Limerick for Universities/Colleges
Thomond Park Rugby Stadium, Limerick
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Universal Robots – Workshop Tour

WED, MAY 29 9:30 AM
UR+ Workshop Tour 2019 Ireland | Galway
Clayton Hotel Galway, Galway
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Manufacturing Solutions Event

WED, JUNE 12th 8:30AM

Limerick Institute of Technology, Moylish Park, Limerick

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