Package Proposal: Pool School Resources

Up to ten training robots for 4th – 6th year students Pool 10 or more schools together to spread cost Training robots can be housed in one school or are suitable for transporting One qualified trainer* can facilitate training across all schools Other training rig options can be included or added depending on budget 10 schools get hands on experience with robotics Learning outcomes can be integrated into defined QQI framework Train the trainer robotics courses available for teaching staff through Reliance Automation *Reliance Automation do not supply trainer

Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes depend on equipment purchased. Our equipment can empower learners to: Set up and program a robot and end of arm tool (industrial, collaborative or cartesian) Set up and program a vision system Set up and program a conveyor Understand the safety requirements of a robot and automation system Understand electric control technology, encoder systems, sensors & PLCs Set up and program mechatronic equipment Understand the differences between electrical and pneumatic actuation Set up and program single axis electric actuators in solenoid mode Set up multi-axis electric actuation over a fieldbus

System Options:

Prices shown are guides per robot cell per school and are subject to official quotation.