Machine Tending

Robotic Machine Tending 

On top of the increased uptime, robotic machine tending systems are more accurate, safer and more repeatable than manual loading and unloading. Not only can this increase the quality of parts produced, but it can reduce the amount of error in the machining process, maximizing throughput and minimizing wasted materials and time.  The increased uptime benefit comes from the ability to do what known as “lights out” runs, setting up a large run of items to be machined in the evening, and coming back in the morning to find them finished.
Machine Tending Simulation using Universal Robot

Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

  1. Lower operating costs and fast Return on Investment
  2. Improve speed and precision as well as reliability and quality
  3. Relieve machine operators from physically demanding, repetitive work, freeing them up for more valuable tasks
  4. Eliminate the risk of injuries
  5. Flexibility if your work flow changes, the Universal Robot can be deployed quickly and easily elsewhere due to its small size and lightweight design
  6. Small footprint, the robots can even be pole mounted beside the machine, taking up almost no floor space, and when using Universal Robots, no caging is necessary
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