Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) Expert Training          

Programme Details

Programme Title:                                                       Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) Expert Training 

Duration (min):                                                           3 days

Duration (max):                                                          5 days

Certification: Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) Expert Training

Learning Outcomes:                                                 

The Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Expert Training gives the learner the opportunity to commission large and complex installations.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Setup fleet server solution
  • Modbus and WISE module integration
  • Advanced safety system configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hardware calibration and replacement
  • MiR & MiRGo Top modules
  • Commissioning of MiR Products

Completion of the AMR Specialist training programme is required.

Programme Aim:

To understand the functions and how to efficiently utilise an Autonomous Mobile Robot in real time. Provide the basic concepts and algorithms required to develop mobile robots that act autonomously in complex environments

Modules Include:

  • Module 1: Robot Fleet
    • Set up MiR Fleet using the MiR Fleet Server Solution.
    • Modify the setup by using REST API documentation.
    • Set up an elevator with MiR Fleet.
  • Module 2: Integration
    • Practice with REST API commands for MiR robots.
    • Set up a PLC for Modbus communication protocol with a MiR robot.
    • Produce and test the setup of a WISE module with equipment or applications.
  • Module 3: Safety
    • Test a MiR robot with new protective field sets.
    • Plan new safety configurations depending on top module, environment, and customer requirements.
  • Module 4: MiR Products
    • Learn how to replace:
      • laser scanners
      • SICK MOC and MOC cable
      • Bogies
      • 3D cameras
      • motor controller and motor controller carrier boards
      • power boards and MiR boards
  • Module 5: Advanced Integration
    • Assess potential risks in a MiR robot’s operating environment when commissioning MiR products.