Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) Specialist Training          

Programme Details

Programme Title:                                                       Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) Specialist Training          

Duration (min):                                                           2 days

Duration (max):                                                          5 days

Certification: Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) Specialist Training    

Learning Outcomes:                                                 

The Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Specialist Training gives the learner the opportunity to learn how to set up, manage, and maintain AMR products. Learners identify opportunities for automation and show others how to operate AMR robots and top modules.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop functions & programmes for the AMR
  • Understand how to operate the user interface
  • Understand the basic function of an AMR
  • AMR safety functions and components
  • Procedure around setting up a robot
  • Create a number of different missions with and without top modules

No programming experience is required prior to undertaking this course.

Programme Aim:

To understand the functions and how to efficiently utilise an Autonomous Mobile Robot in real time. Provide the basic concepts and algorithms required to develop mobile robots that act autonomously in complex environments

Modules Include:

  • Module 1: Safety
    • Experience the safety functions in action and discuss safety hazards.
    • Learn to work safely with AMR robots with an understanding of their basic safety functions.
    • Recognise safety hazards for AMR robots.
  • Module 2: Products
    • Distinguish between different AMR products.
    • Evaluate different applications for AMR products.
    • Power up a AMR robot and set it to charge.
    • Identify key components on a AMR robot.
    • Disconnect the battery cable to prepare a robot for transport.
  • Module 3: Maps
    • Distinguish between static landmarks and dynamic obstacles.
    • Evaluate different operating environment for AMR robots.
    • Record a map using a AMR robot.
    • Add features to the map that help the robot navigate (zones, positions, and
    • markers).
    • Modify a marker
  • Module 4: Missions
    • Use principles of robust mission-building to increase the success rate of your missions.
    • Build a series of missions that can be reused in other missions.
  • Module 5: Integration
    • Build missions with top modules.
    • Calibrate MiR250 Hook.
    • Create a mission to pick up and place a cart.
    • Create a mission to pick up a pallet, move to a position, and place the pallet on a pallet rack.
    • Create a mission to pick up a shelf, move to a position, and then place the shelf at another position.
  • Module 6: Advanced Missions
    • Build missions using a Prompt user action.
    • Build a robust looping charging mission.
  • Module 7: Wi-Fi
    • Recognize signs of poor Wi-Fi quality.
    • Check that a robot has suitable Wi-Fi connection.
    • Mitigate causes of poor Wi-Fi by ensuring there are no signal gaps, low latency and low noise.
    • Connect a robot to a Wi-Fi network.
    • Protect robot components by increasing Wi-Fi security.
  • Module 8: Robot Fleet
    • Add robots to AMR Fleet.
    • Run missions on AMR Fleet