Smarter moves, faster results; MiR1200 Pallet Jack dominates pallet handling

The MiR1200 Pallet Jack revolutionizes internal pallet transportation, automating detection, transport, and delivery of EU pallets up to 1200 kg at 1.5 m/s. Its groundbreaking AI-based perception system sets it apart, reducing pick-and-place cycle times significantly and elevating throughput.

This agile robot operates continuously, with shift-long battery capacity and seamless opportunity charging for uninterrupted performance. Navigating tight spaces effortlessly, it optimizes logistics efficiency, ensuring timely pallet delivery without additional infrastructure.

Perfectly integrating into various value streams, from warehouse operations to core production processes, the MiR1200 complies with the latest safety standards. It safely navigate around people and other obstacles and constitutes a safe alternative to traditional forklifts and pallet trucks. With user-friendly software and quick scaling through MiR Fleet, deploying and managing this solution is straightforward, making it the ultimate blend of precision, performance, and productivity.

  • AI-based perception powered by NVIDIA: Trained on +1,2 million real and synthetic images, this solution enables fast and precise pallet and obstacle detection.
  • High battery-capacity and fast charging: Offering a charging ratio of 1:14 and possibility of opportunity charging, the MiR1200 Pallet Jack is ideal for 24/7 workflows.
  • Compliance with ISO safety standards: Designed to comply with ISO3691-4, ensuring safe operation in various environments.
  • 3D sensor for obstacle detection: Fuses LIDAR and 3D vision for precise detection of obstacles on the floor, overhead and around ensuring precise and secure pallet placement.
  • Robust mobility: IP 52 rating and rugged wheels enable perfect mobility over multiple challenging surfaces.

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