Packaging is the area of a production line which is most suitable to automation.  This is because it is easy to automate and does not usually require bespoke automation solutions.  This is because a company tends to use the same packaging material for all their products despite the number of varying products they produce.  The automated packaging process normally begins at the conveyor and ends with palletising.  Packaging is essentially automation of packing material into bags, pouches, trays, or boxes.  The automation of packaging usually generates a favourable return on investment.

Benefits of Automated Packaging

  • Improves working conditions and employee safety
  • Maximizes production speed
  • Improves consistency
  • Improves precision and quality
  • Improves production flexibility as can be run 24/7
  • Allows operators to be redeployed to value added tasks
  • Combats the issue of staff unavailability