Linear Motion Systems

THK’s creative ideas and unique technology have made the company worldwide pioneers in the development of the Linear Motion (LM) Guide. Today, LM Guide products are an indispensable in mechanical and electronic equipment in a wide variety of systems used in all industries.
THK has also developed many other unique mechanical products, including the Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls, which they manufacture and supply to customers worldwide. “THK” stands for ” Toughness,” ” High Quality,” and ” Know-how.”

Huge range of both “caged” and non “caged” ball assemblies from miniature size 5 to size 65 LM Guides

  • Sizes from 9 to 25 held in stock
  • Cut to required assembly sizes in-house
  • Same day delivery of urgent orders possible
  • 4 week delivery on the very small and very large sizes

Massive range of ball screws available both rolled and precision ground Ball Screws

  • Both rolled and ground ball screws available ex stock
  • Stocked from 12mm diameter to 50mm diameter
  • Pitches from 5 to 25mm from stock
  • Super-lead ball screws also stocked for high speed applications

Enormous range of actuators available from aluminium to steel bodied, with user definable flanges available Actuators

  • A small range of GL Aluminium bodied actuators stocked
  • A small range of the KR and SKR range also stocked

For a video on how to help in selecting exactly which product you need from THK please click here

Rexroth, a Bosch company, manufacture a large range of actuators, monorail and twin rail, ball screw and belt driven, in lengths of up to 8 metre strokes!  They can also provide the servo motor and driver technology to complete the package.  To help their customers to specify the suit their needs, Rexroth also provide a selection software package which is free to download, it’s called LinSelect and you can download it for free here.

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 EMC Cylinder 

Twin rail ball screw modules

Twin rail belt driven modules

ball screw modules

Monorail belt driven modules 

Cabinet-free drive technology from Bosch Rexroth

IndraDrive Mi enables machine manufacturers to integrate all electrical drive components directly into the machine. The result are entirely cabinet free, modular machines with a minimized required space more