Nachi Robots

Do you need a high quality industrial robot but need some help in finding one to suit your needs, then please click here for Nachi’s handy Robot Selector.

Nachi offer a range of 6 Axis Industrial Robots for compact and precision applications to heavy load applications in a full range of assembly, palletising and welding solutions.

MZ Series – Compact High Performance Robot.

Nachi Robots MZ series is the mainstay of NACHI’s 6 axis range.

The new Nachi MZ04E is one of the fastest robots of its class in the world right now while the new Nachi MZ03EL may only have a 3KG payload, but it has a reach of up to 1100mm.

All available in IP67 with flexible mounting solutions, available at very short lead times and are exceptionally well priced

  • Number of controlled axes: 6 axis.Nachi MZ07
  • Payload up to 7Kgs.
  • 4 different main models – reaches of  541mm, 723mm, 913mm, 1102mm
  • Repeatability ±0.02mm or ±0.03mm (depending on series) .
  • Floor mount / Tilt mount / inverted.
  • Hollow Wrist on Robot to allow for neat cable management.
  • Robot is IP67.
  • Cleanliness ISO class 4.

Demonstration Video

EZ Series – Unique design Scara 4 & 6 axis seriesNachi EZ Series

Nachi Robots EZ Scara series consists of 6 – Axis (EZ02) and 4 axis (EZ03) models.  EZ robots are available in both floor and invert mounted configurations with a variety of reach and stroke options available.  This high speed robot series is excellent for material handling, assembly, electronics and palletising applications.

Demonstration Video

MC Series – Flexible and Powerful

Nachi Robots MC10L /Mc20  series – a compact, powerful, very fast robot with excellent reach. Top in the class.

Available with 20Kg payload as MC20 and 10kg payload with extended forearm version MC10L. Lightweight body (only 220kg) allows upside down installations.

Powerful and Compact

  • Maximum payload 20kg (MC20) or 10kg (MC10L) with Long arm
  •  Compact body design and robot mass (only 220kg)
  • Small installation footprint 226x226mm (measured instal. bolts)

Multi-purpose usage

  • Floor mount or ceiling mounted
  • Robot is IP65.
  • Easy and wide installation possibility