Industrial Robots

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI have been a leading Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots in 1968.  From highspeed,high precision operations to lifting heavy loads used in a full range of assembly work and welding solutions. NACHI’s robots are innovating production facilities with their incredible performance.

MZ Series – Compact High Performance Robot. Nachi MZ07

High speed/High precision compact robot available in dust and drain proof specifications, multiple installation orientations. Large selection of payload from 1 to 25kg.

The internal wire routing for the tooling significantly increases cabling reliability so that operations in a narrow space are possible.

Wide operating range improves productivity and also high spec/ performance applications such as vision sensor are available. Most models are also available in IP67 variants


EZ Series – Unique design Scara 4 & 6 axis seriesNachi EZ Series

The EZ are high-speed, horizontally articulated robots equipped with a space-saving vertical first axis.

They have a high speed, high accuracy structure that is excellent for applications such as assembly and handling.

Cable routing is simplified by hollow construction to the end of the wrist, capable of housing wires internally. The internal wire routing for the tooling significantly increases cabling reliability. The SCARA family has multiple models with varying reach and payload to support a variety of equipment operations more

MC Series – Flexible and Powerful

High dust-proof and moisture-resistant, combined with outstanding performance and a full range of functions to handle a variety of applications make these robots ideally suited for a variety of production environments more.

MR Series

With a programmable pose, this 7-axis arm design can handle complex motions to flexibly work in processes that other robots cannot. The compact robot arm greatly reduces the amount of space needed for installations more .

MC and SC Heavy Loader

With high wrist torque and large operating envelope, these robots are opening up a new era of heavy loading robots.

Simple construction has no counterweights or parallel linkage on MC350 and MC280L models. Compact arm design requires minimal installation space for a heavy payload robot. Welding cables and hoses routed inside hollow arms provides excellent life.

The SC heavy loader robots, with huge load capacity and reach, are excellent for jobs that require heavy lifting. Their large vertical stroke allows more flexible production lines by replacing conventional specialized machinery, such as auto body loaders, with robots more.

LP Series

By improving productivity, these robots handle manufacturing jobs and produce more parts in a shorter time NACHI’s palletising robots help with intricate stacking work for shipping and receiving processes.

The LP series of specialized palletising robots do large movements quickly. They can stack products, such as cardboard boxes, or products in bags, such as foodstuffs or chemicals, onto pallets at high speeds. Loaded with palletising functions, they can handle a wide variety of stacking patterns

This robot has enough lifting power to handle jobs of loading and stacking beverages, bricks, plastic resins, concrete and other heavy goods. More