SMAC Actuators

SMAC actuators give you the ability to do work and verify its accuracy at the same time.

Reliance  is an authorised distributor of SMAC Actuators.  SMAC actuators offer many unique features;

  • Fast conveyor line reject – can reject one unit without interfering with others even when the line speed is up to 8 parts per second
  • Leak Detection when the vessel’s sides are flexible  – also possible in-line at up to 6 per second
  • Automated Assembly
  • Switch testing
  • Pick and place
  • Smart Screw driving and capping

SMAC offers a wide range of programmable electric actuators based on Moving Coil linear servo motors.
All SMAC actuators are fully programmable permitting the user to exert complete control over

  • Force,
  • Acceleration,
  • Position,
  • Velocity.

Ideal for use in industries where SMAC’s patented ‘Soft-Land’ procedure allows the actuator to both measure and manipulate very delicate and high value components with ease.

SMAC Unique Features & Benefits

  • Fully programmable in Position, Acceleration, Velocity and Force
  • Sub- micron resolution (5 µm to 100nm but can be ordered with a 1um, or even a 0.1um encoder )
  • Low moving mass = high acceleration ( up to 50G )
  • Direct drive = no backlash, excellent repeatability,  super accuracy and precise
  • Force control = “Soft-Land” capability allows a very light controlled force to be applied without damaging parts/materials being handled
  • Up to 250 million cycles MTTF = Long operating life
  • Less than 55dB = Officially ‘Silent’ in operation
  • Super fast speeds possible – up to 2400 cpm ( cycles per minute ) possible
  • Serial control as well as multiple bus options available

Electric Cylinders

High speed, compact and price-competitive cylinder actuators that provide an alternative to pneumatic cylinders with superior performance.
SMAC electric cylinders offer life cycle well beyond 100 million cycles and the ability to repeat a move within one millisecond.
The conventional cylinder actuator shape and multiple mounting points allow the electric cylinders to be directly retro-fitted in most cases.

 CBL Series Electrical Cylinder

The latest series of SMAC electric actuators. Designed to overcome problems with conventional devices in the packaging industry.

The CBL offers speed, accuracy and efficiency while remaining competitive on price. Superior performance and operational costs, the CBL is an ideal solution for new machine designs and upgrades.


  • Cost competitive
  • Independent control of velocity, position, and force simultaneouslySMAC-Electric-Cylinder
  • Airless and quiet operation
  • Long life expectancy over 100 million cycles
  • Programmable position, velocity and force
  • Fast cycle time >2000 CPR
  • “Soft-Land” function gives extremely accurate sensing of product location
  • 100% data feedback for all operations as a standard feature
  • Ideal for clean room environments

CBL Series with built-in Controller

An electric cylinder with a built-in controller in a single, compact package for simple installation. Ideal for applications with limited space but requiring accurate control.CBL-Series

The electric cylinders provide significantly longer life, programmable, high speed, accuracy, and energy efficiency while remaining price-competitive.

Graphical User Interface is available for the built-in controller for easy, straightforward setup of parameters. It allows you to change product profiles on the fly and improves factory uptime.

  • Built-in controller
  • Programmable position, velocity and force
  • Long life expectancy over 100 million cycles
  • Airless and quiet operation
  • Graphical User Interface is available for simple set-up
  • Space saving
  • Available with built in controller Strokes from 10mm to 50mm.  Splash Proof also available

LBL SeriesSMAC actuators LBL Series

The LBL is price competitive and designed to replace ball screw and pneumatic cylinders in the Packaging Industry.

Starting with strokes from 25mm to 50mm, the range will extend up to 200mm. The LBL series generates a peak force of 60N and is extremely fast with accelerations in excess of 50G. The LBL gives >100 million cycle expected life.

The LBL can be stacked for OEM multi-actuator stations.

Stack actuators are a cost-effective solution for automating multiple axes. They simplify mounting and reduce cabling. Find out more about SMAC STACK solution.

LBL Stackable Solutions



LBR Series

LBR Series combines the LBL above with a rotary Servo on the rod, giving you both linear and rotary in one unit.