THK is the world leading manufacturer of linear motion systems including linear and electric actuators.

Reliance stocks a wide range of THK linear slides and ball screws.

THK Linear Motion Product Characteristics…

  • A wide range of Linear Motion products available
  • Caged Ball Technology increases service intervals by up to 10 timesTHK
  • Ultra Smooth and quiet in Operation


Cage Ball Technology

  • Quiet operation that minimises metal to metal contact.
  • Orderly ball movement.
  • Original cage structure exhibiting excellent high-speed performance.
  • Grease holding structure (consecutive grease pockets) for long-term, maintenance-free operation, long service life.

Linear LM Guides

  • Huge range of slides available from stock.
  • Lightweight, compact, miniature and extra wide series linear guides available.
  • Operates with very low rolling resistance.
  • Excels in high-speed responsive performance due to its very small frictional value and low inertia.
  • 2D and 3D cad models available.
  • The following series of linear slides are available from Reliance stock and cut to order;
    • THK SSR 15
    • THK SRS 9 -15
    • THK SHS 15 to 25

Ball Screws


  • Large range of precision ground and rolled ball screws available from stock.
  • High-efficiency method of converting rotary motion to linear motion by using a recirculating ball mechanism between the screw shaft and the nut.
  • 1/3 drive torque compared with a conventional sliding screw.
  • 2D and 3D cad models available.
  • The Following ball screw range are available from stock and machined to order;
    • THK BLK 1510-2020 and 2525
    • THK BNK 1004, 1510, 1616 and 2010
  •  The following ‘Super-lead’ ball screw range are available from stock and machined to order- THK WTF 1520, 2040 and 2550;
    • KR, SKR, GL and GLN mechanical actuator range available


GLM Series Linear Motor

  • High speed – can achieve maximum speed of 4 m/s.
  • High acceleration/deceleration, superb conformity.THK GLM Actuator family image
  • High precision.
  • Long stroke.
  • Multi sliders.
  • Clean & quiet operation

Low Cost Actuators

  • Actuator Model VLA is offered in two types; slider type and rod type.THK Low price actuator
  • Low price with simple structure.
  • Long term maintenance free operation.
  • Eco friendly & highly energy & quiet
  • 2D and 3D cad models available.

The THK Actuator range available from Reliance with matching servo packs 

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