Silver Palletiser Offer

The silver palletiser option is ideal for light products and consistent patterns up to a throughput of approx. 5 products per minute.



  • UR 10e robot
  • Schmalz FXCB gripper
  • Can allow up to 10 picks per minute
  • 6 month Pally licence
  • Vention frame
  • Robot lifter Dimensions 2.3m * 1.55m


Gold Palletiser Offer


  • UR 10e robot
  • Schmalz FXCB gripper
  • 3 year Pally licence
  • 3 Keyence area scanners
  • Vention frame & robot lifter
  • Dimensions 2.5m * 1.65m

Additional Equipment

  • For applications that require a higher pick rate (up to 10 picks per minute)
  • Increase robot travel speed with additional safety
  • Prolonged MyRobotCloud licence to allow for regular addition of new patterns