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Reliance Sleep out for Focus Ireland

Help Reliance Shine a Light on homelessness with Focus Ireland

The past two years have helped everyone to appreciate the food, shelter and family are all that truely matters to make us happy.  Unfortunately though, pandemic or not, there are still homeless people in our own country.  This is an ongoing serious problem that is affecting over 900 families and over 2000 kids in Ireland.

In order to help make a difference Reliance will “Shine a Light” on homelessness in Ireland by sleeping out in Reliance Cork on 15th October in aid of Focus Ireland.  Our team is working hard to raise funds towards the big sleep out so we would really appreciate if you can also contribute to such a great cause.  

Soft Robotics Gripper for handling delicate products 


Reliance Automation Wins 2 Awards

Award Winners


Reliance Automation won not 1 but 2 awards from OnRobot at their partners event in Edinburgh. The awards recognised Reliance Automation for having the “Highest turnover” and “Best collaborative application” for projects carried out in 2021. 

Automation division manager, Gerry Graham, delivered a presentation on how Reliance Automation adopts a partnership approach with clients to choose the best end of arm tooling for their applications. The automation division continues to lead at the forefront of innovation in Ireland bringing robots, cobots, mobile robots and advanced solutions to the market.  The event was hosted by Vikram Kumar and his team at OnRobot.  

Fuchs and Reliance Partnership News


Exclusive Distribution Partnership Agreement between Fuchs and Reliance

As a user of high-end lubricants, you will appreciate that quality, service, and cost are crucial in a lubricants supplier.

Fuchs values its customers and therefore has made necessary changes to combat customs administration challenges, extended shipping times and uncertainty brought on by Brexit.

To overcome Brexit issues and improve service levels, Fuchs has taken the decision to partner with Reliance, as the authorised technical distributor of Fuchs Industrial lubricants in Ireland. Reliance is Ireland’s largest engineering products distributor, with 3 strategically located facilities in Ireland, and with over 45,000 sq. ft of warehousing space available.

Our new partnership will ensure lead times and delivery service levels for Fuchs Lubricants will improve significantly ensuring Fuchs customers will be able to plan better and stay more competitive.

Should you have queries please contact us at any of our 3 locations.

Manufacturing Exhibition 2021

The National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition is taking place on 24th & 25th November in the RDS Dublin. The day starts at 9am on both the days and runs until 16.00pm on the 24th and 15.00pm on the 25th.     

Meet the Reliance Automation team

We will be on stand C16 and looking forward to demonstrating our technologies.  

What can you see?

  • Universal Robot Cobot
  • MiR robot
  • Nachi robot
  • ROEQ equipment for MiR
  • Onrobot end of arm tools
  • Flexibowl
  • Cobotlift
  • IAI
  • THK
  • Smac

If you would like to meet one of our automation experts to discuss your application, send us an email and book a time slot 

Covid Pandemic shifts manufacturing towards automation

After 2 years of wading through business in a pandemic it is difficult to see who the winners are… 

Many sectors of the domestic economy have been severely affected with widescale job losses, the unemployment rate stood at 14.7 per cent in September 2020 which is much higher than the pre-pandemic level and household spending declined by 22 and 24 per cent respectively in the second quarter of that year according to the ESRI.

On the other hand, Irish export figures were strong due to medicinal and pharmaceutical products and computer services. With extra pressures being inflicted on an already struggling manufacturing sector such as health and safety covid measures, social distancing on production lines, illness, pandemic payments and covid outbreaks, many businesses had to seek out an alternative way to continue trading safely.

Reliance Automation, a large automation technologies supply partner serving the Island of Ireland, identified a shift in the type of automation being requested by their customers.  Peter Creighton, MD of the company comments “We have had two difficult years just as every other business; however, we continue to experience demand for automation resulting from the Covid pandemic situation.  Production lines of people who were tightly packed within one metre of each other suddenly needed to distance themselves 2m apart and there was also a huge increase in demand for covid related products such as testing and vaccines.”

“Many factories found themselves introducing extra shifts to split the workers for safety reasons and introducing automation to ensure demand was met.  One large customer introduced robotics to significantly increase covid samples being tested quickly and safely.  Within the food industry, which is traditionally very slow to adopt automation, there has been a significant shift towards automation due of significant increased demand.”

Looking outside of Ireland the trend has continued in the USA and Europe.  In 2021, robots imported into the USA increased by 26.3% according to the Financial Times.  Within Europe it was also reported that many factories chose to adopt “lights out manufacturing” with production continuing with 100% automation and operators controlling systems remotely from home.  The International Federation for Robotics (IFR) testified that automation has now been deployed 25 times faster than was expected pre-pandemic.

Let us address the elephant in the room, job losses.  The pandemic seems to have also brought the controversial debate about automation and job losses to the fore and finally proven that automation is a necessary part of industrial evolution.  The IFR also conveyed that digitisation will create significantly more jobs than it destroys in the next 5 years.  Due to an increase in automation jobs like engineering, IT and programming, there has merely been a shift in the types of jobs that are now in high demand.  UiPath, a software company founded in Romania and now headquartered in New York, reported that they have employed 60% more programmers since the pandemic began in 2019 and they expect to recruit a further 70% more this year. 

Does Ireland reflect the global trend?  Peter Creighton of Reliance Automation confirms it does.  “I can honestly confirm that, for the robots and automation solutions we have supplied to our customers since the Covid pandemic began, no staff members have been replaced as a direct result with redeployment to more interesting roles being the main change for many.  Demand continues to be driven by an increase in sales or a lack of available people.  There has been a huge change in attitudes of both our customers and the public in general and there now seems to be an understanding of the benefits of automation.  Afterall, automation kept the public safe from the virus for the past 2 years in many cases.”

According to Reliance Automation, there have been huge strides in robotics and automation innovations in recent years to allow for humans to work side by side with machines.  Collaborative robots, often termed ‘cobots’ are specifically designed to engage with operators safely.  Cobots take repetitive and dangerous tasks from humans but still allow humans to interact with them closely.  Rather than replacing humans, cobots are carving out a future for human and machine cooperation to achieve the best manufacturing solutions.

Robotics and automation is here to stay and is now being embraced more rapidly due to demand, safety and future proofing necessities.  The pandemic has removed the fear factor and sky-rocketed the raw need for automation to enhance performance, efficiency, and reliability.  The future may be a little different, full of digital innovations and automation, however it is safe, and it is bright.

If you would like to find out more about robotics, automation or cobots contact Reliance Automation or email  The Reliance Automation website hosts lots of videos showing automation applications in manufacturing that have promoted health and safety and webinars for further learning.

UR 16e Cobot

Quick UR16e Facts

Reach: 900 mm / 35.4 ins

Payload: 16 kg / 35.3 lbs

Footprint: Ø 190 mm

Weight: 33.1 kg / 73 lbs


The Universal Robots UR16e delivers an impressive 16kg (35.3 lbs.) of payload within a small footprint, and is ideal for use in heavy machine tending, material handling, packaging, and screw and nut driving applications. This powerhouse robot allows for heavier end of arm tooling and multi-part handling, and is especially useful for achieving shorter cycle times.


The utility of this collaborative industrial robot is unmatchable. The UR16e is built for heavy duty tasks like machine tending, material handling, packaging, material removal, and screw and nut driving applications.  It handles an exceptional 16 kg of payload that is especially useful for carrying heavy end of arm tooling and can lift multiple parts in a single pick, making tasks much more efficient by achieving shorter cycle times. UR16e is also offered as an OEM robot system and with a 3-Position Teach pendant. Are you looking for the CB3 model you can find it here


UR 10e Cobot

Quick UR10e Facts

Reach: 1300 mm / 51.2 ins

Payload: 12.5 kg / 27.55 lbs

Footprint: Ø 190 mm

Weight: 33.5 kg / 73.9 lbs


Delivering 25% more payload – the UR10e now lifts up to 12.5 kg. That means more performance and even more productivity, 24 hrs a day.  With a proven 1300 mm reach and an even longer record of success, our best-selling cobot has been built to do even more.


The UR10e is an extraordinarily versatile collaborative industrial robot, delivering both high payload (12.5 kg) lift and long reach (1300mm) which makes it well suited for a wide range of applications in machine tending, palletizing, and packaging. The UR10e is also offered as an OEM robot system and with a 3-Position Enabling Teach Pendant. Are you looking for the CB3 model? Find it here

UR 5e Cobot

Quick UR5e Facts

Reach: 850 mm / 33.5 ins

Payload: 5 kg / 11 lbs

Footprint: Ø 149 mm

Weight: 20.6 kg / 45.4 lbs


Built with the future in mind, the UR5e is designed to grow in capability alongside your business, a spring board to improved product quality and productivity, so you will always be able to stay ahead of competition. Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use and an almost endless list of opportunities for add-ons, the UR5e is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size or product nature.  The UR5e strikes the perfect balance between size and power.


The UR5e is a lightweight, adaptable collaborative industrial robot that tackles medium-duty applications with ultimate flexibility.   The UR5e is designed for seamless integration into a wide range of applications. UR5e is also offered as an OEM robot system and with a 3-Position Teach pendant. Are you looking for the CB3 model? Find it here.

UR 3e Cobot

Quick UR3e Facts

Reach: 500 mm / 19.7 ins

Payload: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs

Footprint: Ø 128 mm

Weight: 11.2 kg / 24.7 lbs


The UR3e collaborative robot is a smaller collaborative table-top robot, perfect for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios. The compact table-top cobot weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but has a payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg),  ±360-degree rotation on all wrist joints, and infinite rotation on the end joint.   

The UR3e has a compact form factor making it a good fit for tight workspaces.  Its small footprint is great for bench-tops or built directly inside machinery, making it well suited for light assembly and screwdriving applications. UR3e is also offered as an OEM robot system and with a 3-Position Teach pendant. Are you looking for the CB3 model? Find it here

Brand New Innovative Automation Products Launched

Introducing FlexiBowl

Reliance Automation is delighted to announce that we have been appointed as the official distributor for Flexibowl in Ireland. FlexiBowl® is an innovative flexible parts feeder that is compatible with every robot and vision system. Entire families of parts within 1-250 mm and 1-250 g can be handled by a single FlexiBowl®, replacing a whole set of vibrating bowl feeders. Its lack of dedicated tooling and its easy-to-use and intuitive programming allows quick and multiple product changeovers inside the same work shift. Production changes are made in a matter of seconds, without needing long mechanical adjustments.

Find Out More
Introducing Cobotlift

Reliance Automation is delighted to announce that we have been appointed as the official distributor for CobotLift in Ireland. Cobotlift is an ideal solution for palletising or de-palletising where manual handling is a health and safety concern. Cobotlift offers a solution allowing the operator to work collaboratively with the robot and can lift up to 45kg

The Cobotlift solution is new and innovative in solving manufacturing issues such as:

  • Manual Handling
  • Lack of Space
  • Integration with other technology
  • Flexibility
  • Cost of automatic palletising/de-palletising





Reliance Launches A New B2B Web Shop

Reliance is the largest provider of technical engineering products to Irish manufacturing and agriculture. Nearly 100 years old, Reliance attributes its long success to personal customer service and by continuing to introduce leading innovations. Reliance is pleased to launch its online web shop ( ) to introduce a new dimension in how you can now do business with Reliance.

Reliance’s long-standing reputation is based on partnership and loyalty. We love engaging with our loyal customer base on a daily basis. We also wish to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. In addition to being able to place orders online or check stock and pricing, customers will also be in a position to print old invoices set up template order profiles amongst many other capabilities.

The new Reliance web shop has now been launched and customers are invited to set up an account.  Reliance is offering a €10/£10 discount to be applied to the first order placed online. To open an account simply click on the log in section of the website and follow the instructions. Customers will be guided through the account set up by a knowledgeable web shop assistant. Reliance service representatives are also available to assist in account set up and ordering. 

Other benefits of setting up an account include being the first to learn about new innovative products and promotions.  To avail of the discount simply type 1STWEB into the code box when asked for a discount code then complete the purchase.    Delivery and customer service policies will be unchanged.  To browse products and prices visit

We hope you enjoy the experience of being able to trade with Reliance online.

Reliance Launches Innovator’s Hub

Reliance Automation Partners Innovators in Technology to Launch to Market


There are many types of innovators in the world, those who have create ideas, those who turn ideas into products and those who take products to market.  Often innovators with ground-breaking ideas lack the support, skill sets and funding to commercialise their vision successfully.  Reliance Automation is at the forefront of innovation in Ireland and our mission is to closely partner with innovators to successfully introduce their ground-breaking technologies to market.

Many research support agencies currently operate within Irish universities such as the Tyndall institute or the IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research) centre.  These supports provide excellent guidance and funding for innovators to research and test their ideas and prove that their concepts are marketable.  However, great inventions need to be taken many steps further to be ready for successful introduction to industry. 

Reliance Automation recognises that substantial innovative talent exists in Ireland and with the right support, together we can drive change through technology. Reliance Automation partners with innovators of new world 1st innovative solutions and provides guidance on protecting intellectual property as well as engineering and business advice.  Reliance Automation is already a leading provider of automation solutions in Ireland and works within manufacturing daily.  The company can offer practical support on market research, budgeting, economics, costing, strategic planning, exporting and so much more.

Reliance Automation has set up an “Innovators Hub” to actively support innovators we partner with.  Innovators and education institutions are encouraged to engage with Reliance to openly discuss their concepts and new solutions.  Confidentiality is paramount and Reliance Automation will undertake all measures to protect the private nature of a viable concept.  The business values fairness and honesty and builds strong, comprehensive partnerships to successfully introduce new innovations to market both in Ireland and internationally. 

Reliance Automation Appointed as Irish Partner for Schaeffler OPTIME Condition Monitoring

Reliance Automation is delighted to announce that it has been appointed Ireland’s sole technology partner for the newly launched Schaeffler Optime condition monitoring system. The system is set to take industry by storm for its effectiveness in improving plant reliability and asset optimisation.  Read on to find out more about Schaeffler Optime and contact us for more information

Monitor all assets in a single app

Schaeffler OPTIME makes condition monitoring cost-effective for all plant assets

Pressrelease Stage Image

With Schaeffler OPTIME, comprehensive and automated condition monitoring is now a cost-effective proposition for maintenance personnel and facility operators. Schaeffler OPTIME is an efficient and easy-to-use low-cost solution designed specifically for the comprehensive condition monitoring of all indirectly process-critical assets across entire machine and equipment parks.

2020-02-12 | Schweinfurt/Hannover


  • Schaeffler OPTIME: Comprehensive and automated condition monitoring
  • Highly scalable wireless IoT solution
  • Easily integrates several hundred assets in a single day
  • Cost savings of up to 50 percent compared with manual offline measurement

For cost reasons, permanently installed continuous condition monitoring is typically used only for production machines that are directly process-critical. In the process manufacturing and automation industries, it is therefore not uncommon for up to 95 percent of all assets in a production facility to be either totally unmonitored or monitored only periodically by means of route-based, manual measurements. With Schaeffler OPTIME, however, comprehensive and automated condition monitoring is now a cost-effective proposition for maintenance personnel and facility operators. Schaeffler OPTIME is an efficient and easy-to-use low-cost solution designed specifically for the comprehensive condition monitoring of all indirectly process-critical assets across entire machine and equipment parks.

Automated data analysis powered by Schaeffler expertise
OPTIME is an easily scalable system that consists essentially of wireless, battery-powered vibration sensors, a gateway, and an app to visualize the resulting analysis data. The data captured by the sensors are analyzed using specially developed algorithms that draw on Schaeffler’s technical expertise, its extensive storehouse of physical models developed and refined over many decades, and the experience in condition monitoring that it has built up in the course of its bearing servicing operations. OPTIME provides several weeks’ early warning of damage to machine components such as electric motors, fans, and pumps. It also provides early warning of imbalances, misalignments, and knocking. The app presents trends in graph form and visualizes the severity of incidents using traffic light colors, alarm states, and other information. Assets can be grouped according to users’ requirements, and their condition can be presented in a range of user group-specific views. With OPTIME, in-house maintenance crews and external service contractors receive specific recommendations on the remedial steps required, so they can easily plan their maintenance work, manpower requirements, and spare parts procurement in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Quick and easy initial operation
OPTIME can be installed and initial operation carried out without any prior condition monitoring expertise, and several hundred measuring points can easily be set up in the space of a single day. The vibration sensors are attached to the monitored assets by means of screws or adhesive, and are activated by the accompanying app, which connects to them via near-field communication (NFC). All installed sensors communicate autonomously with each other and the gateway, thereby forming a dedicated mesh network that ranks among the most reliable and energy-efficient types of IoT networks in use in industry today. The sensors in the mesh network transmit machine KPI data and raw vibration and temperature data via the gateway to the Schaeffler IoT Hub. The hub analyzes the data, and the results are displayed in the app, which supports a very wide range of end devices commonly used by maintenance teams and plant operators. Alternatively, the analysis results can be made available for integration into the customer’s own IT environment via a REST API.

Cost savings of up to 50 percent
OPTIME can yield cost savings of around 50 percent compared with monthly offline measurements made using hand-held devices. It also provides better-quality monitoring than most wireless online CMS systems thanks to its complex, algorithm-based analytics. Moreover, OPTIME can be used for a multitude of assets for which condition monitoring was previously not commercially viable, which makes it the first solution capable of providing an overview of machine states that is truly comprehensive and encompasses all subsystems and auxiliary assets. This is important, because the automated condition monitoring of all assets is fundamental to the reliable prevention of unplanned machine and plant shutdowns.


Inspection in Industry 4.0: The rise of Cobotics


Industry 4.0 is here and more pivotal than ever. Whether you’re in automotive or electronics, generating greater output efficiencies with reduced inputs can be a challenge that many Production or Operational Teams face.

Using cutting-edge software as part of Industry 4.0, the power of cobotics can leverage your current inspection system to quickly identify multiple parts or component quality issues before they arise.

Discover how by leveraging cobotic automation you can offer…

  • Enhanced production workflow flexibility.
  • Greater product repeatability.
  • …and most of all, offer consistent quality assurance.

Unlock the power of automation in your quality assurance process today by registering for our latest webinar on 6th April, at 11:00am (GMT).

Machine Tending

Robotic Machine Tending 

On top of the increased uptime, robotic machine tending systems are more accurate, safer and more repeatable than manual loading and unloading. Not only can this increase the quality of parts produced, but it can reduce the amount of error in the machining process, maximizing throughput and minimizing wasted materials and time.  The increased uptime benefit comes from the ability to do what known as “lights out” runs, setting up a large run of items to be machined in the evening, and coming back in the morning to find them finished.
Machine Tending Simulation using Universal Robot

Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

  1. Lower operating costs and fast Return on Investment
  2. Improve speed and precision as well as reliability and quality
  3. Relieve machine operators from physically demanding, repetitive work, freeing them up for more valuable tasks
  4. Eliminate the risk of injuries
  5. Flexibility if your work flow changes, the Universal Robot can be deployed quickly and easily elsewhere due to its small size and lightweight design
  6. Small footprint, the robots can even be pole mounted beside the machine, taking up almost no floor space, and when using Universal Robots, no caging is necessary
Contact Reliance Automation for a free, no commitment consultation
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2021 Automation Brochure

Click the image to view the Reliance Automation NEW Automation Brochure


SMAC is a leading manufacturer of precision programmable electric actuators based on moving coil technology. SMAC actuators are unique in that force, position, and speed are totally programmable. SMAC electric actuators are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds and with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability. Patented Soft-Land™ function gives extremely accurate sensing of product location or dimensions.

This makes SMAC electric actuators ideal for a wide range of high cycle positioning, measuring, inspection, and pick and place applications, particularly where 100% verification is required. Customers desiring to increase up-time, ease of set up, and adjustment can make dramatic improvements by using mechatronic SMAC Moving Coil technology.

Electric Cylinders

 High speed, compact and price-competitive cylinder actuators that provide an alternative to pneumatic cylinders with superior performance. SMAC electric cylinders offer life cycle well beyond 100 million cycles and the ability to repeat a move within one millisecond with no stiction. The conventional cylinder actuator shape and multiple mounting points allow the electric cylinders to be directly retrofitted in most cases.

Linear Actuators


A comprehensive selection of electric linear actuators are offered in a wide range of sizes, styles, and options for automated manufacturing, packaging, assembly applications, and more. These programmable linear actuators range from units with 10mm stroke in a compact unit only 8mm in height, to units with 250mm of stroke length or up to 500N peak force.

Linear Rotary Actuators

The precision Z-theta motion within one small actuator, providing a convenient pick, orient and place. A wide variety of linear rotary actuators are offered with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units.

The vacuum-built-in shaft through the rotary motor is available for some models to prevent dust build-up in the unit. These z-theta actuators can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability. SMAC’s unique, patented “Soft-Land” function enables the unit to gently land on a delicate component with a controlled force to avoid damage of both the component and the actuator.

Popular Applications:

Ejection off a line


Smart Screw Driver

Thread Check


Pick and place

Need to Automate? What Next?



The decision to invest in automating is reached by in-depth analysis of sales, finance, space, staff and your return on investment. 

When you decide you want or need to automate, how do you then select the right automation solution that is best suited to your process…Reliance Automation specialises in assisting you in this process and at no cost to you…

 Reliance is the only authorised specialist automation company in Ireland that is nationally based and not biased towards using one technology over another. This means we will support you where-ever you are located and we will have your best interests as our primary goal.


Reliance is partnered with the widest range of global leading automation technology manufacturers and depending on what your application is, we will determine what the best suite of technologies will be for you to achieve your automation goals with no hidden agendas.

Reliance is not an integrator, instead we work with the majority of established integrators based in Ireland. If your application requires an integrator to be involved, we will know which integrator is best suited to your project and importantly, will deliver on time, using best in class technologies and within budget. In addition, Reliance Automation will always be there all the way to make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

What’s the catch…There is none. Reliance specialises and represents the widest range of automation technologies in Ireland, we have nearly 100 years of application knowhow and we have very strong partnerships to ensure any automation project will be delivered at the best price for the application. When a project needs to be automated, Reliance’s role is to marry all of the key components of the project so that the process is easy, efficient, cost effective and most importantly, delivers the planned return on investment. Our strong ethos is a collaborative open book partnership approach to any project we are involved in. Read on for some practical and impartial advice to help you choose the right technology for your application.

 Which Robot is Right for your Application

No alt text provided for this image

Industrial Robot

  • Cost: From €16k for robot 
  • Programming: Must be programmed by integrator or robot brand supplier
  • Flexibility: Can be re-deployed but needs integrator and re-programming
  • Safety: Non-collaborative due to high speeds and payloads so needs guarding or light curtains
  • Versatility: Many end of arm tool options
  • Reach: Up to 4m
  • Space:  Usually needs considerable floor space but can be ceiling mounted
  • Support:  24/7 support 365 days a year 
  • Speed: High speed option 
  • Payload: Can manage huge payloads and is used for car manufacturing 
  • Other Costs:  Up to €100k for safety guarding, programming, EOAT, cell etc.

Collaborative Robot

  • Cost: From €23k 
  • Programming:  Can be done by in-house engineers so no need for outside integrators
  • Flexibility: Adapts to processes and can be re-programmed in house quickly and easily
  • Safety: Conforms to health and safety standards and is safe when run in Collaborative mode
  • Versatility:  Many end of arm tool options. For collaborative mode the EOAT must also be collaborative
  • Reach: Up to 1.35m
  • Space: Ideal for small spaces no guarding needed
  • Support:  24/7 support 365 days a year 
  • Speed:  Ideal for slower processes in collaborative mode
  • Payload:  Max 16kg including EOAT – Can be increased to 45kg using CobotLift (Supplied by Reliance Automation)
  • Other Costs: EOAT from €2k

Suitable Applications

Industrial robots are ideal for applications that are high speed and require heavy lifting. These could include high speed palletising, pick and place of heavy car components etc. The project focus is on speed and not on space. Industrial robots allow for fast return on investment due to scaling up of production through dramatically increased speed and running 24/7. These robots solve issues such as output increases, quality, and heavy lifting.  View suitable applications in the video below.

Collaborative robots are suited to smaller intricate applications such as pick and place within the pharmaceutical or food industry. These applications are not speed focused, but space is an issue. Collaborative robots work well in busy production areas where operator interaction is necessary. Collaborative robots can palletise using a very small footprint. They are also easy to program and re-deploy in house. Collaborative robots solve such issues as repetitive stress injury, quality, output.  View suitable applications in the video below.

What’s The Verdict?

It is clear that both collaborative and industrial robots have a place in the production line with different advantages. Which one is best is dependent on the specific application. Both are compaiable with other equipment such as end of arm tooling, conveyors, motors, HMI and PLC etc. At Reliance Automation we can supply you directly with both Universal Collaborative Robots and Nachi Industrial robots and we support our customers to ensure they make the best equipment choices. We work with you and our suppliers to ensure you reach your automation goals and achieve the best ROI.  

Contact Reliance Automation for more information

Irish food and agribusinesses turn to automation to help solve manufacturing challenges, mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and get ready for Brexit

Launching a guide published by ifac and Reliance Automation for Irish food and agribusinesses turning to automation, to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and get ready for Brexit, were Robert Troy T.D., and Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation; David Leydon, Head of Food and Agribusiness at ifac; Peter Creighton, Managing Director of Reliance Automation; and a Cobot.

Ifac and Reliance Automation publish a guide to help businesses on their
automation journey in response to rise in enquiries

Ifac, Ireland’s farming, food and agribusiness professional services firm, and Reliance Automation have joined forces to support Irish food businesses considering automation.

Recent advances in technology mean robotic automation is now more accessible, cost-effective and safe, and less complicated than in the past. The automation opportunities that now exist can enhance businesses of all sizes; cobots (collaborative robots) can now take on a wide range of repeatable production tasks from the end of production line inspections and packaging to tray handling and loading products onto pallets.

Automation can also help to address a wide range of manufacturing challenges including increasing productivity, improving efficiencies and product quality, and redeploying teams to higher-value work. By addressing these challenges, businesses can achieve higher margins, improve competitiveness, manage staffing shortages, enhance their health and safety management, and mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit.

Ifac and Reliance Automation have partnered to produce a practical guide for business owners and CEOs to help them manage the funding process from start to finish. The publication covers planning and implementing automation projects, return on investment, funding your investment in automation, and business process automation.

Speaking at a photocall to launch the publication, Robert Troy T.D., and Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation said:

“I am very pleased to see positive momentum in Ireland to assist businesses to adapt to new digital technologies and embrace digitalisation. As we navigate the road ahead, we must ensure our SMEs are able to adapt to new innovations and reap the benefits of digital transformation.

“My Department recognises that investment in Advanced Manufacturing and Digitalisation are vital to ensuring that Irish companies remain competitive. Specific financial and advisory supports are available to the food sector through its agencies, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, for the advancement of technologies in the area of robotics, cobotics, automation and industry 4.0.

“We are committed to supporting companies to mitigate the challenges presented by both COVID-19 and Brexit, and now, more than ever, it is important to look at ways to improve both business and manufacturing processes, to make your business more resilient and competitive.”

Head of Food and Agribusiness at ifac, David Leydon said:

“Business transformation makes up a big part of the work we do at ifac and now we’re seeing businesses move faster towards automation than ever before. You don’t have to be a big business to put in industrial robots – cobots are now available to any SME and the cost is coming down all the time.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Peter and the Reliance Team on this guide. There are things in the guide that some businesses aren’t fully aware of so we hope it will be of some assistance. At ifac, we will work with business owners every step of the way on their automation journey to help them future-proof their businesses.”

Managing Director of Reliance Automation, Peter Creighton said:

“There is no doubt that we are seeing a rise in the number of automation enquiries. Smart automation solutions are now easier, faster, and more cost-effective to employ in all types of industry. Jobs that are not suitable for people to do, repetitive or dangerous processes are very suited to both collaborative and industrial robots. Implementing sensible automation solutions frees up experienced employees to be redeployed to do more rewarding and productive work. 

“This approach also enables manufacturers to grow and achieve important economies of scale, very cost-effectively. Reliance Automation is delighted to be partnering with David and his team at ifac to help manufacturers make sensible decisions about intelligent automation solutions that will help their businesses realise their true ambitions.”

In September, ifac published its 2020 Food and AgriBusiness Report – its third annual sentiment survey of Irish food and agribusiness small and medium-sized enterprises conducted during June and July. The findings revealed that one in four respondents believe increased investment in new technology and automation will be one of the long-term impacts on their businesses from Covid-19

Reliance Automation Announces new sofware partner

Reliance Automation has partnered with Vantage to support our clients with validation and serialisation. Vantage consulting group is a well known and respected global company that has been supporting manufacturers for decades. Vantage is based in New Jersey, USA and boasts some of the major pharmaceutical giants as their customers.

In order to offer their customers the most up to date technology to enable them to be at the forefront of their industries, Reliance Automation felt it was time to offer digital based supports. Validation is a huge part of planning and execution for all major manufacturing projects and Reliance Automation is pleased to be able to now offer this service.

Peter Creighton, MD of Reliance comments “Reliance is thrilled to be partnering with Vantage who are the global leader in serialisation, validation and strategic vision consultancy. We are very much looking forward to introducing Vantage to our life sciences clients as we continue to drive towards helping improved efficiency, reliability, compliance and productivity.”

in 2018, as a result of counterfeit drugs flooding the market from South East Asia, serialisation was made a legal requirement in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from protection against counterfeiting, serialisation has also introduced many other benefits such as protection of consumer safety, brand protection, improved efficiency and controlled costs and recall integrity.

Emma Lacy, Marketing and Business Development manager for Reliance Automation comments “It is important for us to support our customers from inception of projects, through implementation and finally to montioring. We are leaders in innovation and for that reason we want to ensure our customers have the best and most up to date technical supports on their production lines.”

“For almost 100 years Reliance customers have trusted us to supply their hardware and we are delighted to now be able to work with them through their entire production process, supporting hardware with validation, serialisation and line monitoring solutions. In this way we can ensure our customers are saving time and money throughout their production processes “

In partnership with Vantage Consulting group, Reliance Automation offers serialisation, validation and monitoring/counting systems to ensure customers can impement lean systems into their production facilities as well as monitor and control the output and success of these systems. Contact Reliance Automation for more information.


Universal Robots Webinar
  1. Rental scheme for cobots
  2. Free expert resources to help businesses access automation in the wake of Covid-19
  3. Cobots support safety measures and allow Irish SMEs to keep operations going

Reliance Automation, an Irish supplier of automation and robots is located in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.  Reliance offers a wide range of automation solutions for various industries including pharmaceutical and food.  Among its many high-profile brand partners is Universal Robots, the world’s most recognised collaborative robot supplier.

In conjunction with Universal robots, Reliance Automation has announced it will introduce its first-ever ‘SME Automation Month’ this October. The month will be dedicated to supporting Ireland’s community of small and mid-size enterprises to understand and access collaborative robots (cobots) to begin to bounce back from the challenges of Covid-19.

The month, designed specifically to tackle the pain points faced by smaller businesses when adopting automation, will offer a wide array of free resources such as webinars and online, one-to-one consultations with local automation experts, as well as new leasing options which will allow SMEs to reap the financial rewards of automation before having to start payback on their cobot.

The full SME Automation Month offering includes:

  • Introductory Webinar – SMEs can join an expert-led webinar on Wednesday October 7th at 11:00am which will detail the month’s offering in full and serve as a guide to attendees on how to avail of resources.
  • Free Automation Assessments – connect with experts who can analyse existing operations and detail where cobots can optimise production, increasing efficiency, output and profits
  • New Leasing Terms – although UR cobots are already affordable, starting at just £300 per month, UR’s new ‘buy now, start paying 2021’ leasing programme allows SMEs to reap the financial reward of automation right away
  • Expert training – businesses can train their team in cobot programming within 2-4 days. As UR cobots are highly user-friendly, very little training is needed.
  • Quick, painless setup – cobots can be set up within 30 minutes, meaning that SMEs can benefit from increased productivity and profits almost immediately

Mark Gray, Ireland Country Manager said: Following a challenging period for the industry, greater adoption of automation is critical across the Irish SME landscape to allow producers to support jobs by ensuring they are competitive, efficient and flexible enough to thrive now and into the future. Yet, we know that many Irish SMEs still feel ill-equipped to start their journey with automation. We also appreciate that during these uncertain times, SMEs are understandably reluctant to invest in new technologies, but with cobots, smaller businesses can reap the benefits, almost immediately and at an affordable cost.

“We’d love to see Irish SMEs engaging with automation like we have seen across the UK in recent months and SME Automation Month is an ideal time to do so. Bloom in a Box used our cobots to adapt their operations quickly during the initial coronavirus outbreak, switching their production line from packing flowers to manufacturing PPE, proving that whether a business wants to improve existing operations or quickly adapt to a new market opportunity, cobots make it simpler to be flexible and stay profitable.

“At Universal Robots, we’ve seen a huge increase in the frequency of cobots in the Irish workplace in the last 12 months, with approximately 250 cobots in place across the country as it stands. In addition, there has been huge variation in the types of workplace enquiring and adopting cobots to perform specific functions. And while we do envisage that cobots will make their way into more consumer-facing outlets in retail, hospitality and healthcare quite soon, it’s highly unlikely that a cobot is a threat to your job.

“The magic of cobots is that they are purposefully designed to change the workplace for the better – to collaborate with humans and make their working life easier. In addition, cobots make the workplace safer by ensuring that humans no longer have to do dangerous or overtly manual labour. Now with distancing a key measure in the fight against coronavirus, cobots pose a real opportunity for SMEs.

“We hope that the increased prevalence of cobots, as part of the rise of automation will deliver a positive shift in the perceptions held towards them. For us, it’s all about education and helping people to see the benefits to understand that cobots are here to support and empower.” Businesses can find out more about SME Automation Month and register for resources by visiting

Reliance Covid-19 notice 30th March

Further to government guidelines regarding the provision of essential services, Reliance is classified as an essential service provider by the Irish Government under the new public health guideline will remain operational during this period.

Our 3 branch’s remain open and will operate as usual with trade counters adhering to strict physical distancing procedures.  We have implemented all HSE and government guidelines in our facilities to protect our team as best we can as health and wellbeing for us is our top priority. 

As you face the challenges of operating during this period please know that our 24/7 out of hours emergency service remains in place. If this service is required, please phone the landline of the Reliance branch closest to you to receive our out hours mobile numbers.

The Reliance branch landlines are as follows…

• Dublin – 01 4502821
• Cork – 021 4354204
• Limerick – 061 419158 

Please be rest assured if there is anything we can do to help you and your business during this time, please let us know and we will do our best to assist!

Stay Safe! 

The Reliance Team

COVID-19 notice from RELIANCE

We want to assure you during this unprecedented crisis that Reliance is operating at full capacity. 

Whether from our 3 x Branch locations or remotely, our dedicated support teams will continue to operate as per usual.

We have implemented all HSE and government guidelines in our offices to protect our team as best we can as health and wellbeing for us all are the most important thing right now. 

As you face the challenges of operating during this period we want to advise you that our 24/7 out of hours emergency service remains in place. If this service is required, please phone the landline of the Reliance branch closest to you to receive out hours numbers.

The Reliance branch landlines are as follows –
• Dublin – 01 4502821
• Cork – 021 4354204
• Limerick – 061 419158 

Please be rest assured if there is anything we can do to help you and your business during this time, please let us know and we will do our best to assist!

Kind regards, 
The Reliance Team

Why wait to Automate- finance options available.

Reliance Automation together with UR Robots has launched a cobot leasing program in collaboration with DLL, a global vendor finance company giving manufacturers of all sizes an option to finance the purchase of UR Cobots.

With flexible payment options, payments can be scheduled to fit fluctuations in cash flow, upgrade to new equipment, or add cobots anytime during the contract term.

At the end of the finance term, customers will have the option to buy the equipment for a fraction of the original cost, upgrade to newer technology, extend the finance term or simply return the equipment.


Reliance continues on the path of being Ireland’s leading Automation and Robotics specialists! Reliance Automation is very pleased to announce that we are now the official technical partner for MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) for Ireland.

MiR Collaborative mobile robots are global innovators in changing the way Industry moves product and materials within facilities, by automating internal transport and logistics.

MiR Robots can be mounted with standard top modules such as lifts for pallets and hooks for towing, or customised top modules such as bins and racks, or even a Cobot arm. The standard top modules are easy to change out allowing redeployment of the Robot to many different tasks. Currently 4 Robots are available with payload capacities of up to 1000Kgs.

Call us today and let us show you how MiR can radically shape your processes into the future…


Automation Roadshow

The Automation team are following up a very busy January by hitting the road for the first Reliance Automation Roadshow of the year.

We have been visiting some of our integration partners to showcase our Automation solutions, including our latest tech from Utility AR, augmented reality smart glasses & solutions for industry.

National Manufacturing Event Jan 29-30th 2020

January will be a busy month for Reliance Automation, in addition to exhibiting at Pendutech we will end the month with a return to the National Manufacturing event in Citywest Convention Centre.

Future proof your manufacturing process with Reliance Automation! Our team and automation partners will be on hand to demonstrate our solutions to simplify & automate your production process enabling you to reduce cost, improve efficiency and productivity.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Reliance Automation and UR to exhibit at Pendutech @ Pendulum Summit

Reliance Automation is embracing the new decade ahead with purpose, passion and performance.  

Reliance Automation and Universal Robots will be exhibiting a range of cobots at the new Pendutech expo at the Pendulum Summit in Jan 2020. Reliance Automation and UR cobots will proudly showcase technical advances and innovative workplace solutions to the World’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers. 

Sophia, the World’s most advanced humanoid Robot, is opening Pendutech expo and will be addressing the Pendulum summit. Sophia and UR is sure to inspire attendees to maximise business potential through the future use of Robotics. Reliance Automation and UR cobots is looking forward to demonstrate how we can unlock this potential and help grow your business to the next level. 

Pendutech takes place at the Pendulum Summit in the Convention Centre Dublin on the 8th & 9th January.

Introducing the UR16e

The heavy duty UR16e is the latest edition to the e-series family of cobots from Universal Robots .

UR16e combines the high 16 kg payload with a reach of 900 mm and pose repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm. The UR16e is the game-changing Cobot we’ve been waiting for, it is ideal for automating tasks such as heavy-duty material handling, heavy-part handling, and machine tending.

Click her for more information

UR and Reliance Automation on the Road to Croker!

Last week Reliance Automation and Universal Robots were back on hte road again with the Automation Roadshow stopping in Mullingar and Croke Park.

We recieved very positive feedback from exhibitors and attendees at both events who found the morning very informative and beneficial. At the Roadshows the attendees could see for themselves how easy and safe UR cobots are to use and how the end of arm technologies demonstrated on the day could be used in their production processes.

Newstalk joined us on our Automation Roadshow in Croke Park last week. See link below for report!

Francie and Dave didn’t let County rivalries get in the way of a throughly successful day!

Automation Roadshow

Reliance Automation and Universal Robots are hitting the road again in September. Our Automation Roadshow will make stops in Mullingar ( Irish Manufacturing Research Lab) and Dublin (Croke Park).

At our roadshow you will have the unique opportunity to discuss application specific queries in depth with our key automation partners. Even more, you will have the opportunity to program the flexible and user-friendly robots yourself. Roadshows are free but places are limited, so please book your spot below!

Automated welding from Olympus Technologies

Reliance is delighted to have been appointed as a distributor for Olympus Technologies.

The UR welding application can easily be fitted in existing welding booths

Olympus Technologies Ltd. has developed a unique Universal Robot Welding system that can be deployed easily into existing manual welding booths, eliminating the need for costly new robotic cells.
The system is capable of providing an economical and high quality robotic welding solution, perfect for simple and repetitive welding processes.
Affordability: great value for smaller businesses seeking to invest in robot welding
Easy Programming: simplest programming interface on the market – quick and smooth transition into production. Full training included
Fully Integrated: welding characteristics controlled on robot – changes can be made mid-process
Compelling Cost Benefit Case: customers typically see 4x productivity increases
Consistent Quality: every part is welded to the same quality, providing the source parts are consistent
Your Solution to Welder Recruitment: existing trained welders are released onto more complex tasks – the job of running the robot’s production can be handled by an operator


Visit us at the Manufacturing Solutions Event on Wednesday 12th June, LIT, Limerick.

RELIANCE AUTOMATION in partnership with SHUNK will be exhibiting End of Arm gripper technology at the Manufacturing Solutions Event.

More than just a gripper….. we will demonstrate the dynamic range of solutions Schunk end of arm tools and UR cobots can deliver to your business.

Talk to us on the day and discover how Cobots and end of arm tooling can improve your company’s productivity and reduce costs.

To register for the event click on the link below.


Universal Robots and Reliance Automation Tour 2019


Universal Robots and Reliance are pleased to announce we will be running workshops nationwide to demonstrate innovative automation solutions.

Our aim is to show you how production efficiencies can be optimised through Universal Robots Cobots and related automation technologies.

At our workshop you will have the unique opportunity to discuss application specific queries in depth with our key automation partners who offer a wealth of experience ranging from different end-effector technologies and tooling.
Even more, you will have the opportunity to program the flexible and user-friendly robots yourself.

Our Roadshows will take place in May (Limerick and Galway) and September (Midlands and Dublin)

These events are free, register below today!

May 28th  Limerick Roadshow

May 29th   Galway Roadshow

Sept 11th   Midlands Roadshow

Sept 12th   Dublin Roadshow


Reliance partner with Soft Robotics Inc.

Reliance is delighted to announce our new partnership with Soft Robotics Inc.  Soft Robotics is an innovative end of arm tooling manufacturing company whose pneumatic gripping system has human hand-like dexterity – meaning it can manipulate items that vary in size, shape & weight!

mGrip allows quick tool builds with limitless configurations and spacing options. Each mGrip kit comes equipped with the components needed to build, validate and install production-ready systems in minutes.


Reliance in the news!

On Friday 11th January Tánaiste Simon Coveney, officially opened Reliance Limerick Ballysimon.

The morning also marked the distribution partnership between Reliance and Universal Robots.   A UR arm collaborated with Mr Coveney cutting the ribbon in front of a gathering of Reliance customers, Politicians, Limerick sporting heroes and media.

Left to Right, David Wallace, Tánaiste Simon Coveney, Peter Creighton (MD Reliance), Samantha Cummins-Byrne (UR Robots)


Below are links to some of the media coverage of the event

Irish Times Saturday 12th January

Limerick Leader Monday 14th January.

Limerick Leader Wednesday 16th January

Engineers Journal Tuesday 15th January

Live95FM News 11th January

UR Collaborative Robots

UR Collaborative Robots

Reliance have been appointed as an authorised distributor for Universal Robots.

Universal Robots is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of collaborative robots.

Universal Robots develop and manufacture easy-to-use 6-axis industrial robotic arms suitable for businesses of every size.

UR cobots are cost-effective, flexible, safe, and easy-to-use delivering a speedy return on investment.

Click here for details on UR e-series collaborative robots

Our new Limerick premises opens for business Monday 10th September.

RELIANCE Limerick is moving to serve you better than ever! Our new premises opens for business Monday 10th September.

*Carrying a wider range of stock
*Improved service
*Easy to get to – located just around the corner from the NCT centre

Our New premises will be located at;

Unit 1 Eastway Bus. Park,
Ballysimon Road, V94 DW74
(opposite Finucanes Electrical & Beside Rexel) 

 You will find us 200M down from NCT centre.