Reliance Automation Announces new sofware partner

Reliance Automation has partnered with Vantage to support our clients with validation and serialisation. Vantage consulting group is a well known and respected global company that has been supporting manufacturers for decades. Vantage is based in New Jersey, USA and boasts some of the major pharmaceutical giants as their customers.

In order to offer their customers the most up to date technology to enable them to be at the forefront of their industries, Reliance Automation felt it was time to offer digital based supports. Validation is a huge part of planning and execution for all major manufacturing projects and Reliance Automation is pleased to be able to now offer this service.

Peter Creighton, MD of Reliance comments “Reliance is thrilled to be partnering with Vantage who are the global leader in serialisation, validation and strategic vision consultancy. We are very much looking forward to introducing Vantage to our life sciences clients as we continue to drive towards helping improved efficiency, reliability, compliance and productivity.”

in 2018, as a result of counterfeit drugs flooding the market from South East Asia, serialisation was made a legal requirement in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from protection against counterfeiting, serialisation has also introduced many other benefits such as protection of consumer safety, brand protection, improved efficiency and controlled costs and recall integrity.

Emma Lacy, Marketing and Business Development manager for Reliance Automation comments “It is important for us to support our customers from inception of projects, through implementation and finally to montioring. We are leaders in innovation and for that reason we want to ensure our customers have the best and most up to date technical supports on their production lines.”

“For almost 100 years Reliance customers have trusted us to supply their hardware and we are delighted to now be able to work with them through their entire production process, supporting hardware with validation, serialisation and line monitoring solutions. In this way we can ensure our customers are saving time and money throughout their production processes “

In partnership with Vantage Consulting group, Reliance Automation offers serialisation, validation and monitoring/counting systems to ensure customers can impement lean systems into their production facilities as well as monitor and control the output and success of these systems. Contact Reliance Automation for more information.