Reliance Launches A New B2B Web Shop

Reliance is the largest provider of technical engineering products to Irish manufacturing and agriculture. Nearly 100 years old, Reliance attributes its long success to personal customer service and by continuing to introduce leading innovations. Reliance is pleased to launch its online web shop ( ) to introduce a new dimension in how you can now do business with Reliance.

Reliance’s long-standing reputation is based on partnership and loyalty. We love engaging with our loyal customer base on a daily basis. We also wish to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. In addition to being able to place orders online or check stock and pricing, customers will also be in a position to print old invoices set up template order profiles amongst many other capabilities.

The new Reliance web shop has now been launched and customers are invited to set up an account.  Reliance is offering a €10/£10 discount to be applied to the first order placed online. To open an account simply click on the log in section of the website and follow the instructions. Customers will be guided through the account set up by a knowledgeable web shop assistant. Reliance service representatives are also available to assist in account set up and ordering. 

Other benefits of setting up an account include being the first to learn about new innovative products and promotions.  To avail of the discount simply type 1STWEB into the code box when asked for a discount code then complete the purchase.    Delivery and customer service policies will be unchanged.  To browse products and prices visit

We hope you enjoy the experience of being able to trade with Reliance online.