Reliance Launches Innovator’s Hub

Reliance Automation Partners Innovators in Technology to Launch to Market


There are many types of innovators in the world, those who have create ideas, those who turn ideas into products and those who take products to market.  Often innovators with ground-breaking ideas lack the support, skill sets and funding to commercialise their vision successfully.  Reliance Automation is at the forefront of innovation in Ireland and our mission is to closely partner with innovators to successfully introduce their ground-breaking technologies to market.

Many research support agencies currently operate within Irish universities such as the Tyndall institute or the IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research) centre.  These supports provide excellent guidance and funding for innovators to research and test their ideas and prove that their concepts are marketable.  However, great inventions need to be taken many steps further to be ready for successful introduction to industry. 

Reliance Automation recognises that substantial innovative talent exists in Ireland and with the right support, together we can drive change through technology. Reliance Automation partners with innovators of new world 1st innovative solutions and provides guidance on protecting intellectual property as well as engineering and business advice.  Reliance Automation is already a leading provider of automation solutions in Ireland and works within manufacturing daily.  The company can offer practical support on market research, budgeting, economics, costing, strategic planning, exporting and so much more.

Reliance Automation has set up an “Innovators Hub” to actively support innovators we partner with.  Innovators and education institutions are encouraged to engage with Reliance to openly discuss their concepts and new solutions.  Confidentiality is paramount and Reliance Automation will undertake all measures to protect the private nature of a viable concept.  The business values fairness and honesty and builds strong, comprehensive partnerships to successfully introduce new innovations to market both in Ireland and internationally.