Pally Palletising Software

You want a complete palletising solution that will solve your needs.

Luckily Pally palletising software is designed to do just that. Reliance Automation is a certified reseller that is trained in the hardware and installation.

What Pally will do for you is to make the robot incredibly easy to operate, it is compatible with most hardware on the market, so Reliance Automation can choose the solution that fits your current (and future) needs. And if necessary down-the-road they can help you with hardware upgrades. Pally makes the life easier for your operators and ensures that you get the best possible palletising solution. – Fast Track to Cobot Palletising (Pally software is integrated) can provide you with an upfront verification of your project within 1 hour. It will even match you with possible solution providers based on your region.

Reliance Automation support you to shop locally and get the guidance you need. They can install and get your palletising solution up and running in 1 day.