SMAC actuators can provide linear with rotary motion all in one actuator. With these actuators the user can adjust position, force, velocity and torque in all axes, show the different quality check capabilities such as cap height, torque and angle, force required to press in, distance in both linear and rotary travelled, and even check the clicks on child proof / safety caps.

SMAC Advantages

  • Locate lead in thread location (height & angle)
  • Report seated cap height and angle
  • Report torque or linear force required to seat cap
  • Detect cross threading
  • Detect damages threads
  • Check clicks on child proof / safety caps
  • Utilizes SMAC’s patented Soft-Land

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators are excellent for:

  • Childproof test.
  • In-line Capping Integration (with weight control as option and by capping head number).
  • R&D, Laboratory, QA, Production, Metrology.
  • Luer Connectors, including Luer Slip andLuer Lok (or Luer Lock), for making leak free fluid connections between small devices.