Reliance Automation can offer Industrial or Collaborative Palletising Solutions

Reliance automation can offer you turnkey palletising solutions or work with you and one of our integration partners to design a bespoke solution for your needs.  Robotic palletising systems automate the process of stacking product onto pallets. They can also be programmed to depalletise – an essential part of many production lines.

Robotic palletisers excel at manipulating the product – turning boxes for display purposes with labels out, or stacking buckets/Tubs and bags – as well as handling high-SKU counts in multi-line operations.  As with any automation realising the ROI of an automated palletiser requires first the selection of the appropriate robotic solution, and then its proper implementation.

At Reliance Automation, our mission is to understand your goals, needs, and aspirations, so that we can apply our experience of both collaborative and Industrial robots to find the best solution to meet your needs.  We will advise you which palletising solutions work best for your processes and budget.

Benefits of Collaborative Palletising

  • Affordable from €55k
  • Easy to program
  • Easy to re-deploy
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with wide range of grippers
  • Ideal for weights up to 40Kg
  • Alleviates health and safety concerns
  • Runs at human speed
  • Can run over 3 shifts

Benefits of Industrial Palletising

  • Can handle very high speeds
  • Ideal for heavy loads
  • Ideal for large areas with long reach
  • Can run over 3 shifts
  • Alleviates health and safety issues 
  • For complicated applications 

The main benefits of a Robotic Palletising system are:

Improves working conditions and employee safety
The robotic palletiser is programmed to repeat continuous movements and to support heavy loads. It makes it possible to avoid work stoppages due to the strenuous physical effort that an employee needs to load a pallet.
It also eliminates problems associated with fatigue, distraction, injuries and the effects of repetitive and tedious movements.

• Increases production flexibility
Many of the solutions offered by Reliance Automation provide the flexibility make it possible to modify, add and adjust the palletizing pattern as required. It is also possible to change products independently from production. This allows operators to program in real time and independently, production changes.

• Maximize production speed
The repetition of movement at a constant speed and without error makes it possible to assemble a perfect pallet. In addition, some grippers are able to pick up several objects at the same time to increase the rate of production.

Improves the quality of finished products on pallets
Repetition and precision makes the robotic palletiser able to obtain high-quality finish for each product. The tasks performed by the robots eliminate the problems associated with fatigue, distraction and the redundancy which often lead to quality problems of finished products.

Restricted workspace
The robotic palletiser saves more space than conventional palletizing systems. In addition, it can be programmed to work in tight spaces and thus save precious floor space in production areas.

• Reduced Operating Costs
Robotic Palletisers can operate day and night. Workforce can be regulated as supervision requires only a single person for several machines operating at the same time.

Please get in touch to arrange for one of our sales engineers to call and discuss your particular needs and how we can help you out.