Screwing and tightening

A robot will consistently and repeatedly follow exact processes and pre-defined workflows with miniscule deviation ensuring precise and consistent outputs .  This increases productivity and reliability by delivering the exact tension avoiding over screwing or loose screws.

For screw-specific applications, the end joint on the UR3 offers infinite rotation. Combined with the robot’s unique force control, this allows it to be placed directly into a screwing application without the need for a costly torque-controlled screw-driving tool.

Gluing and Dispensing

Reduce waste and increase accuracy by using a Universal Robot for gluing, dispensing.  Cobots can be easily re-deployed to the areas where you need application support. When the task is finished, you can re-purpose and re-deploy the robot to other areas in your production.

Polishing, Buffing and Sanding

Polishing, buffing, and even sanding tasks require a specific, often delicate touch.

A Universal Robot with force control offers a flexible solution that will automatically adjust position to achieve the desired force. This valuable capability comes standard with Universal Robots e-Series line of cobots without the additional cost and complexity of other manufacturers.
Because a Universal Robot allows you to apply specific torque around predefined axes, this means that achieving consistent reliable finishes becomes a task that can now be completed easily by a Robot.
The benefits of Automating such tasks are many
• Ensure consistency and predictable quality.

• Relieve workers from ergonomically unfavorable, strenuous and often dangerous tasks.

• Sand and polish even curved and uneven surfaces with adjustable force mode

• With UR’s fast and flexible deployment, you can quickly adapt production lines to new products.

Universal Robots provides a future-proof platform for small businesses looking to optimize productions. If your work flow changes, the robot can be deployed quickly and easily elsewhere due to its small size and lightweight design.


For Sanding and polishing applications Reliance Automation have partnered with Dynabrade.

Dynabrade has earned a reputation for excellence and a position of leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable pneumatic abrasive power tools, related accessories, and clean air solutions.

Features and Benefits
• Easy to set-up
• Control of sanding process and improved consistency
• Control of sanding force, pattern, abrasive changes.
• Eliminates operator fatigue and potential ergonomic injuries.
• High durability of pneumatic motor allows continued operation.
• Tools can be quickly changed for multiuse sanding and polishing.
• Solenoid accessory allows auto on/off operation of the tool for the best finish possible.