Automated Screw Thread Quality Checking

The requirement for strict specification and acceptance of all automotive parts and components has greatly increased in recent years. Screw thread inspection is no exception. The common practice of eddy current probes, lasers, proximity sensors or vision systems are only partly successful as they only inform you of the presence of a thread, not if it’s correct or within tolerance. The unique low-cost SMAC solution enables you to automatically check the following screw thread parameters:

  • Oversize or undersized threads
  • Cross threads
  • Thread depth
  • No threads
  • Mis-located threads
  • Thread pitch
  • Shallow or blocked hole

Automatically checks for:

  • Minor diameter out of spec
  • Major diameter out of spec
  • Pitch diameter out of spec
  • Pitch
  • Foreign objects (e.g. broken tap, swarf etc)
  • Double tapped thread
  • Thread depth
  • Missing threads
  • Cylindericity

The automated thread checking solution from SMAC enables a 100% detailed inspection and verification of all parts. It also identifies tool wear sooner, and allows SPC data acquisition for process control and quality systems. All of this translates to higher quality and throughput, lower costs and increased customer confidence.

An optional Thread Check Graphical User Interface (GUI) is also available. Graphical User Interface, SMAC-Motion, provides a simple and straightforward way to quickly configure motion parameters of a variety of SMAC single/dual axis actuators and controllers