6-axis and SCARA industrial robots

The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the related upswing in automation have had a decisive impact on the industrial sector and its applications. To anticipate industry needs, Stäubli designs a unique range of industrial robots that offers a host of advantages: compact size, broad work envelope, high speed, precision, ability to withstand all types of environments, and above all, the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of tasks.

The TX2 6-axis articulated robots deliver increased dexterity and flexibility. These robotic arms allow maximum utilization of cell workspace and are ideal for use in handling, machine tending, assembly, testing, packaging, filling, cutting, washing, deburring, polishing.
Their generic CS9 controller features optional SIL3-PLe safety functionalities enabling high productivity AND Man-Machine collaboration. 

The TS2 SCARA robots (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms) share the same structural segments as the 6-axis TX2 robots, offering an identical footprint for high modularity and optimized development times, as well as the same CS9 controller. 
They can carry out precise and repetitive tasks, such as loading/unloading, assembly, packaging, palletization, pick and place, handling, sorting, piling, spacing… at very high speeds.

Stäubli TS2 Range


Stäubli TX2 Range


Stäubli TP80 Range


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Stäubli Humid HE Range

HE industrial robot range

All around the world, the food industry makes extensive use of industrial robots, particularly HE robots for hygienic and humid environments. Stäubli’s HE robotic arms have become the market leader thanks to their compliant and unique design, unmatched technical performance and ability to completely eliminate bacterial contamination risks. This major innovation has revolutionized the food industry. 
HE robots are also developed for applications within harsh environment such as waterjet cutting, washing-cleaning or deburring

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Stäubli Cleanroom CR/SCR Range

Cleanroom industrial robot range

Cleanroom robots were designed from the outset to comply with the stringent requirements of cleanroom environments. They offer the added advantages of superior throughput capabilities and reliability, with field tested reliability in 24/7 industrial environments.

Designed for clean environments

  • Cleanroom design
  • Glossy, smooth surface
  • Very low particle emission

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Stäubli Stericlean Range

Stericlean industrial robot range

Our customers and leading pharmaceutical companies place trust in our solutions. This gave our engineers a leg up when adapting our well-known range of industrial Cleanroom robots to new hydrogen peroxide decontamination standards. Our complete range of Stericlean robots meets the most stringent requirements for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

Designed for high risk sterile environments

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): Grade A
  • Enclosed arm structure and sealed vertical cable
  • Glossy, smooth surface
  • NSF H1 food oil
  • Special seals
  • Completely resistant to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

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Stäubli Stäubli ESD Range

ESD compliant robot range

Our ESD robot range meets all the requirements of the electronics industry. Our 4 and 6 axis robots are designed to prevent electrostatic discharges in order to safely handle electronic components. They can operate in EPA (ESD protected area) for various applications such as PCB assembly, any kind of part inspection or testing and packaging of electronic consumer goods. 

ESD compliance guaranteed by 3 specific tests

  • Surface resistivity
  • Residual charges
  • Dissipation and transversal conductivity
    Several test points covering every arm’s element

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