Stericlean industrial robot range

Our customers and leading pharmaceutical companies place trust in our solutions. This gave our engineers a leg up when adapting our well-known range of industrial Cleanroom robots to new hydrogen peroxide decontamination standards. Our complete range of Stericlean robots meets the most stringent requirements for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

Designed for high risk sterile environments

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): Grade A
  • Enclosed arm structure and sealed vertical cable
  • Glossy, smooth surface
  • NSF H1 food oil
  • Special seals

Completely resistant to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

With their special joints and enclosed IP65 structure, Stericlean robots are designed to handle decontamination processes (vaporous or fluid) in VHP environments. 

Proven reliability

Stericlean robots have proven their reliability time and time again in cleanroom, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications.

Medical and pharmaceutical industries

Benefits and advantages of Stericlean robotic arms for aseptic processes.