Universal Robots (UR) Industrial Communications

Programme Details

Programme Title:                                                       Universal Robots (UR) Industrial Communication Training         

Duration (min):                                                           2 days

Duration (max):                                                          5 days


Learning Outcomes:      


The Universal Robots Advanced Training gives the learner the opportunity to learn how to integrate the robot into a fieldbus communication system.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Modbus TCP FTP
  • Ethernet Sockets
  • Dashboard Server
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Profinet


The learner must have successful completion of the Universal Robots (UR) Core and Advanced Training, along with experience in working with the TIA portal from Siemens



Programme Aim:


To learn how to integrate the robot into a fieldbus communication system.


Modules Include:


Module 1: Modbus TCP

This module demonstrates how communications occur via Modbus TCP


  • Configure the network settings of the robot
  • Link the robot with a Modbus device
  • Create an application with which the robot can send and receive data to and from the Modbus device
  • Access to the robot’s internal Modbus register


Module 2 and 3: FTP and Dashboard Server

This module demonstrates how the status of the robot is monitored remotely at all times and some of the functions locked in Polyscope to restrict access by external operators.


  • Transfer files via the network
  • Activate, load and run programs via remote control


Module 4: Socket Communication

This module demonstrates how to test the new interface.


  • Establish socket connections between the robot and external devices
  • Use the robot program to accept/change input from a server
  • Send and receive several types of variables


Module 5: Ethernet/IP Adapter

This module demonstrates how cobots communicate with a PLC device to trigger output signals for another process in the line.


  • Correct configurations of the network settings of the robot and the PLC
  • Send and receive different types of data between the robot and the PLC


Module 6: Profinet I/O

This module demonstrates how to control the system completely via a PLC.


  • Automatic initialisation
  • Starting, stopping and pausing the program
  • Error message on an LED

This will be implemented on a Siemens PLC and communication via Profinet I/O