Universal Robots (UR) Interface Training

Programme Details

Programme Title:                                                       Universal Robots (UR) Interface Training          

Duration (min):                                                           2 days

Duration (max):                                                          5 days


Learning Outcomes:      


The Universal Robots Interface Training gives the learner the opportunity to learn how to communicate with and remotely control the cobot in real time. 


You’ll learn how to:

  • Basics of programming in Python
  • Basics of programming in URScript
  • Ethernet socket communication
  • Client interfaces (port 30001-30003)
  • Real time data exchange (RTDE)
  • XML-RPC communication


The learner must have successful completion of the Universal Robots (UR) Core and Advanced Training, along with experience in programming in Python.



Programme Aim:


To learn how to remotely control a robot in real time.


Modules Include:

Module 1: URScript

This module recaps on the basics taught on the UR Advanced Training Course.


  • Development of user-defined functions
  • Use of a function or a script together with robot commands


Module 2: Socket Communication

This module demonstrates how to use a program to test a socket connection.


  • Establish socket connections between the robot and external devices
  • Use the robot program to accept and change input from a server
  • Send and receive several types of variables


Module 3: Client Interfaces (port 30001-30003)

This module demonstrates how to use the script manual to find out which script commands are required for the tasks and how to test them.


  • Use the robot as a server
  • Control of the robot using URScript


Module 4: Programming

This module demonstrates the connection between the robot interfaces and a server or client application.


  • Familiarisation with some basic Python syntax
  • Use of Python to generate various results


Module 5: Real Time Data Exchange

This module demonstrates the options offered by the RTDE interface and how to use them.


  • Run the RTDE example
  • Change an existing script


Module 6: XML/RPC

This module demonstrates how to utilise the benefits of XML/RPC.


  • Run the XML/RPC example
  • Change the existing script
  • Add functions to a program