Universal Robots (UR) Service Training (Light)

Programme Details

Programme Title:                                                       Universal Robots (UR) Service Training (Light) 

Duration (min):                                                           1 day

Duration (max):                                                          3 days


Learning Outcomes:      


The Universal Robots Interface Training gives the learner the opportunity to learn the service topic. How to diagnose and resolve errors in a targeted manner.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Exchange complete assemblies (robot arm or controller)
  • Correctly perform any necessary data transfer
  • Resolve common error messages
  • Understand the software and hardware of your cobot


The learner must have successful completion of the Universal Robots (UR) Operator (Hands-on) Training.



Programme Aim:


To learn how to efficiently diagnose and resolve basic errors.


Modules Include:

Module 1: Overview and Insights

This module demonstrates the distinguishing features and the structure of serial numbers to confidently identify the robot Course.


  • Know the distinguishing features of the different robot generations
  • Interpret serial numbers


Module 2: Updates

This module demonstrates how to perform software updates and how to decide whether a software update is necessary.


  • Download software updates
  • Knowledge of how to carry out software updates ad what to look out for
  • Perform software updates


Module 3: Error Analysis

This module demonstrates which errors occur or can be made on the robot arm, controller, teach pendant and in programs.


  • Recognise and localise errors
  • Knowledge or error phenomena and how to respond to them


Module 4: Using the UR Log Viewer

This module demonstrates how to examine and evaluate the UR log files.


  • Knowledge about the structure of log files
  • Handling the UR Log Viewer


Module 5: Data Backup and Creation of Data Carriers

This module demonstrates how to safety perform a data backup and transfer. 


  • Knowledge of the different types of data backup
  • Creation of a new data carrier


Module 6: Compatibility of Assemblies

This module demonstrates what components are compatible with one another.


  • Get to know the compatibility of components
  • Replacement of components


Module 7: Service Processes and Preventative Maintenance

This module demonstrates how to communicate with the UR Technical Support via the myUR platform.


  • Get to know the service processes
  • Prepare the robot for shipping
  • Correctly implement measures for preventative maintenance